How to Style a Vignette

I get a lot of question about styling- coffee tables, nightstands, bookshelves, etc. I thought that today we’d start with a vignette. The best thing to do is play around with items – I switch various books, candles, vases & decor from room to room until I find the perfect home for these. Now there are a million ways to style a vignette but here are a few tips to help guide you along the way…

Add some height


Various height items are key- tall, short, wide, etc. The same holds true when styling a nightstand/coffee table. You can cover more visual space by adding height. For this area, I chose a tall (16X20) frame with a gorgeous picture of the Amalfi Coast.

Stick with a color pallet


Here I chose to add a white candle because (a) this is in our guest bedroom and (b) I wanted to keep everything in the gold & white family. This keeps the look cohesive and makes it easier to mix & match down the road.

Add a touch of nature


Okay, so I’ll admit that the above is a faux hydrangea (cringing) but 99% of the time I choose real flowers. If there isn’t natural light, add a low-light plant. Natural touches like this add some softness to the area while freshening the air. (Side note: a vase is a great place to showcase/store jewelry, which is exactly what I did above)

Think sets of 3


A key component to design is decorating in set of 3 – candles, pictures, books, etc. Our eye is drawn to this combination & it’s more aesthetically pleasing. You’ll start to notice that a lot of decorative accessories are sold in sets of 3!

As you can see, I styled this vignette by keeping with a white, gold & blue color pallet, bringing various height & texture with the items and adding a touch of nature with a hydrangea. Keep these rules of thumb in mind & you will feel comfortable styling any surface in your home.

To help get you started, I found a few versatile items I recommend:


{sphere // candle // vases // hydrangea // scalloped dish}

*Also, check your local HomeGoods as they’ve always got unique, affordable home decor items!


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