Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

Happy Monday y’all! How is this the last weeke before Christmas?! Oh my gosh time is flyingggg by. If you’re like me, this week will be spent doing some last minute shopping & baking! Let’s be honest, we all love Christmas cookies. Whether you’re a novice baker or super talented in the kitchen, I’ve got you covered. Here are 10 of my favorite cookie recipes (almost all are tried & true) along with some cute ways to package them:

  1. Coconut Cream Bars: These no bake, freezer friendly are basically giant almond joys. YUM! I’m considering making these for our annual cookie swap.
  2. Basic Sugar Cookie: It’s my family’s annual tradition to bake & decorate these (we do Christmas trees, angels, snowmen, etc). I made a batch last night & they’re quickly disappearing!
  3. No Bake Chocolate Balls: These are great to freeze & then hand out to people. I made a bunch last weekend to give to my fiance’s clients.
  4. Paleo Magic Cookie Bars: Paleo and vegan friendly, these cookies are a great option for your super healthy friends or coworkers. Disclaimer: I attempted (and failed) a batch of these; however, I’d like to try again because I think they could taste really yummy if done right (think I over-baked them).
  5. Red Velvet Shortbread Cookies : I have yet to make these, but I hope I can find the time to make some this year. Red velvet cake is one of my favorites, so I’m looking forward to these!
  6. Oreo Cookie Balls: Need an easy, delicious cookie guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser? These are for you. I made these for the cookie swap 2 years ago & people still talk about them. After all, let’s be honest…who doesn’t love oreos?!
  7. White Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Cookies: A twist on the classic, these are soft, delicious and taste like Christmas. Serve with a glass of milk & call it a day.
  8. Christmas Cookie Bark: Oddly enough, bark is one of the holiday desserts I’ve never tried to make. I’m not a huge chocolate lover (gasp, I know), but these are great because they make a huge baking sheet & good for kids to help. Throw the broken pieces in a mason jar, wrap a bow & give to any neighbor or coworker.
  9. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies: Okay, so these aren’t technically “holiday” cookies, but in my book peanut butter cookies are always a good idea (also, see #2: I added a spoon full of peanut butter + chopped walnuts to a small portion & made my own peanut butter cookies)
  10. Versatile Cookie Dough: If you’re limited on time or want to make a variety easily, try this idea- it’s 1 basic dough, 4 types of cookies. Genius, no?

As far as packaging goes, there are a million cute ideas out there so I’ve picked 3 I liked:

  1. Fill clear bags & wrap with seasonal decor via MaiTai
  2. Use clear tubes to stack cookies like Paula
  3. Take a tip from Tessa & decorate craft boxes

Happy Baking!


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