2017 Travel Goals

Back in 2015, I shared my 2016 travel goals (read post here) and while I only hit 1 of 5, my goals shifted a lot and I actually was really pleased with my 2016 travel. Here’s what I did:

A week in Paris

48 hours in Amsterdam, Montreal & Austin

Escaped winter in Panama

A long weekend in Switzerland (post coming!)

An adventure filled wedding week in Jackson Hole

Road trip up California’s PCH

Countless trips to Atlanta, South Jersey, Charleston (3x!), Miami, Vegas & New Orleans!

All in all, 2016 was a very fun travel year with a lot of exploration around the USA…sometimes it’s fun to stay a bit more local and explore our beautiful country.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2017 TRAVEL GOALS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Since we’ve got a huge expense coming in 2017 (hellooooo wedding!), our travel budget will be decreased a bit this year. But that doesn’t mean we won’t explore! On our list…



We are hoping to do this for our honeymoon (if the time of year works out) and this would be HUGE. This has been my lifelong #1 bucket list item so I can’t even fathom the level of excitement I will feel if we end up booking this…

Bali +Southeast Asia


Another strong honeymoon contender. We are both dying to go to Bali, Hong Kong, Thailand and more. There is SO much to see in Southeast Asia, so I know it all can’t be done in one trip. Our goal will be to visit Bali and try to have a long stopover in either 1 or 2 major cities while en route.



I like to head to to the Caribbean at least once per year, given that (a) winter in Boston is torture and (b) it’s so close and we can often find direct flights. Lucky for me, we are checking this off next weekend as we head down to the Keys. Still hoping for either T & C, Aruba, or the BVIs at some point in Spring.

Pacific Northwest

pac nw.jpeg

Portland/Seattle/Vancouver is another trip that’s been on my ever-growing travel bucket list. The area is known for their great coffee/food, outdoor activities, wine country & friendly people. I would like to fly into Portland, rent a car & drive up that whole way but I’m not sure we’ll have enough time. A more realistic option may be to hit Portland & Seattle in one trip, then fly up & out of Vancouver. Either way, I think we can make something work for a 4-5 day trip.

Ski Trip out West


We’ve got tentative plans to head to Park City, UT for some late spring skiing and I am loving this idea! Skiing/snowboarding here in the Northeast is pretty tough, as the conditions are often icy (read: not fun to slide/fall). I haven’t been out west in winter since I was much younger, so I’m really hoping to explore this option in the next couple of months.



Yup, still on my list! Somehow we never made it in 2016 but I am determined to make this happen in 2017. Iceland is ridiculously close & accessible from Boston so we really have no excuse not to go. We can fly out on Thursday night, wake up in Iceland on Friday and spend a 3 night weekend there. Wa la, Iceland trip planned!

{Safari // Bali // Caribbean // PacNW // SkiTrip // Iceland}

What tops your 2017 travel list?


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