5 Quick & Easy Ways to Get Your Home “Guest Ready”

We’ve all been there…you get a call in the middle of the day from your old neighbor/relative/long lost friend. They’re in the area and want to stop by in  15 minutes. You’re super excited to see them yet horrified that your place feels like a tornado came through…now what?!

Step 1. Light Candles
Right away, light candles. They’ll get your home feeling warm & cozy and smelling amazing while you complete steps 2-5.

Hint: I always keep scented candles in the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms & kitchen!

Step 2. Tidy Up Main Spaces
The last thing you want is a guest walking into your home & seeing yesterday’s undies on the floor. #awkward…Picking up all of your random sh*t off of the living room floor, sofas/chairs/beds, and main countertops will create a visually clean space. Even if you only have 5 minutes, grab a basket to toss all of the stuff in, throw it in your closet & deal with it later. Clutter = messy = gross.

Hint: When in doubt, stack it! Have a stash of old mags or some new books? Stack them neatly & put a small bowl with a candle or cute decorative piece on top…wa la!

Step 3. Clean Surfaces
This one is important. Nothing gives away a dirty space more than leftovers crusted onto the counter. Quickly wipe down the coffee/end tables, kitchen counter & guest bathroom vanity. Then grab some windex & hit the main mirrors. Instant sparkle!

Hint: Wipe out the sink & keep it dry (a trick the maid always does!)

Step 4. Take Out The Trash
A no brainer, yet often overlooked. This legit takes under 1 minute: empty the bathroom trash into the kitchen trash. Wrap it up & toss it outside. Done!

Hint: Keep a scented dryer sheet between the trash bag & the can to keep it smelling fresh.

Step 5. Put Your Hostess Hat On
If all else fails or you’re crammed for time, light the candles & skip to step 5.
Grab a tray, some cute cocktail napkins (like these) and lay out some snacks. Easy ones to keep on hand are assorted nuts, pre-cut cheese & crackers, olives, grapes & chocolates.

Hint: Set out a fresh pitcher of water…or even better, a bottle of rose!


So there you have it, my easy way to prepare your home for guests. Focus for 10 minutes and they’ll never know you weren’t ready for them. Oh, and don’t forget to put on some tunes & smile…after all, they came over to see you, not your home!

What’s your best quick clean up tip?!


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