Powder Room Before & After

You may remember the powder room design plan that I shared back in September. (See the post here). To refresh your memory, this is a window-less powder room that has been intense red for years & was in desperate need of a makeover. The client wasn’t in the market for a new vanity, countertop or faucet so we were stuck with what we’ve got & did our best to make it work. Rather than go with a typical neutral, they wanted to bring a pop of wall color into this space. Here’s the plan I came up with:


While I still wish the vanity/countertop were more of a gray-ish tone, they’re pretty much tan in person; however, the space looks much more modern! (Please excuse the bad photos, I really struggled to take some good shots with zero overhead light).

You can see the updated lighting, mirror, paint & accessories. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but when the light is on, the white accessories really brighten up the space.

Again, terrible lighting but you get the idea.The wall color in real life is a matte color and looks quite modern, yet relaxing.

Note what a difference using the proper sized-to-scale artwork makes! The “before” pictures were way too small and hung too far apart. The new frames are a proper fit for the wall- they’re great in person too!

Again, I’m really embarrassed with the horrible photos but I wanted to give you an idea of what a can of paint can do! So if you don’t have a full renovation in the budget, have faith that you can easily transform a space for under $500!


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