My Wedding Registry Strategy

So I must say, one of the most fun parts about being engaged so far has been registering for gifts! As an entertaining enthusiast, wannabe dinner party host & lover of all things visually beautiful, I am in heaven with this. The hardest part so far has been picking which stores & which items – there’s too much to choose from! I was tempted with one-stop-shop places like Zola and honeymoon registries like HoneyFund, but ultimately decided that I want to build a base of quality, classic pieces that can grow with us as a family. Plus, lets be honest- a lot of people give money (and that is Fine. By. Me.)

Here are some examples of categories that I used to help get me started:

The Big Ticket Items

Big Ticket Items.jpg

{Kitchenaid Mixer // Vitamix // Knife Set // Le Creuset Pot // Espresso Maker}

The Classics


{ Pitcher  // Cake Stand // Dinner Plate // Salt & Pepper Shaker// Flatware // Measuring Spoons}

The Practical Goods


{Luggage // Bedding // Towels // Stainless Cookset // Marble Mortar & Wood Board}

Collectively, all of these pieces give us a great base to start with. As expected, I stuck with a neutral color pallet- white, silver/gold, blues, marble, wood. Call me boring, but I like to think of it as classic. Plus, it’s always fun to pop into Homegoods & pick up trendy, patterned pieces here and there.

For those of you married ladies, or those who love house stuff as much as I do…what am I missing? Any tips or advice when registering?!

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