Green & White Wedding Tablescape Ideas

For all of you not in the Northeast, I’m jealous. We are in the midst of a blizzard, which hasn’t fully hit yet but we’re in “preparation” mode, anticipating 12″-18″.

So. Over. The. Snow.

That being said, I’m taking full advantage of this snow day and doing some wedding planning (eek!). I’ve been cautious to keep the wedding posts to a minimum because (a) this is a design/travel blog, not a wedding blog and (b) I want the big day to be a surprise! I’ve got a fabulous event design team I’ve hired (shout out to BellWether Design), incredible vendors & want to let the pros do their job. I’ll share everything after the big day, once we have our professional pics!

One thing I am l-o-v-i-n-g for weddings and that I am hoping to stay involved in is the tablescape! I just love the white & green & rustic + classic look that comes with this style. Here are  ton of examples of what I’m loving.



Let’s take a vote! Which is your favorite?!


One thought on “Green & White Wedding Tablescape Ideas

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