Life Lately Vol. 3

Happy Friday! We are headed to Philly today & New Jersey for the rest of the weekend. The forecast is 85 & sunny so we’ll be setting up camp on the beach for a couple of days! We’ll be taking our frenchie with us (on Spirit!) so hoping for an easy flight…


{Mela loves flying}

Speaking of the beach, I’ve been looking to invest in some new swimsuits this year since Victoria’s Secret discontinued their swim line! (Wah). I like the Vix ones at Nordstrom but they’re super pricey. Any suggestions for affordable, cute bathing suits?!

Eating: Mason jar salads! Now, obviously this is not a new concept but as someone who brings my lunch to work everyday, I want something healthy, easy & delicious! I’ve been on the Greek salad kick for legit like 4 months now. I keep thinking I’ll tire of it but I enjoy it every single day. I layer (from bottom up) olive oil/red wine vinegar mix, red onions, chick peas, feta cheese, cucumbers, red peppers, green peppers & lettuce. I make 5 on Sunday and boom- lunch done! Anyone have any non-Greek style mason jar salads/meals they recommend?

Reading: A lot of upsetting airline stories lately! First there was Bumpgate, then the stroller incident, then the deplorable responses from airlines (looking at you, United)…ugh, it’s such a shame because travel should be FUN! Whether you fly often or once in a blue moon, it’s super important to make yourself aware of your behavior. I find that it’s best to be prepared to alleviate stress (from yourself, other passengers, officials, etc). What does that mean? Have your ID & boarding pass out, get your sh*t together when going through security (or get global entry like me so you don’t have to!), and be cognizant of the boarding process. There’s nothing more annoying than kids running around while boarding begins, or passengers rushing the gate when they’ve got zone 5 boarding, or some jerk so deep into their phone that they’re holding up the line!

Be polite, be passionate & be present.

Wearing: I currently can’t get enough of the bare shoulder tops. It’s really mixed weather here in Boston so these are perfect for the in between weather. This white one, this floral one & this blue striped one are some current favorites!

What’s on your agenda for this weekend?!


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