Life Lately, Vol. 4


{missing these Santa Monica palm trees}

Happy Friday y’all! Let me start by saying that I’m really digging my new blog posting format. The past few weeks I’ve posted M,W,F with Mondays being interiors, Wednesdays being travel and Friday being a mix.

While I don’t want to lose any interior-specific or travel-specific readers, I want to stay authentic to who I am and truly, I am a mix! When I focus more on one, I miss the other and vice versa. Let me ask you – do you have a preference for more interiors vs more travel? All feedback is welcome 🙂

Moving on…



{via one of our top choices}

 Our honeymoon! As you likely saw on Instagram, we booked our  flights to South Africa! I may or may not have cried a happy tear when we hit “submit”! #bucketlist

Step 1: Book our safari lodge…again, ALL feedback is encouraged!

Step 2: Lock down our hotel in Cape Town

Step 3: Fill in the gaps with fun excursions, restaurant reservations & winery tours!CURRENTLY READING:2.jpg{love the tv, hate the bills}

This incredible post from my fave couple over at Young House Love – they’re sharing the way they cut cable and anticipate thousands in savings over the next may months. I have been wanting to do this for SO. LONG. (Thanks to the monsters at Comcast) but it’s a process. Post wedding project #1: cut cable.



{stunning kitchen}

My current obsession is with marble waterfall islands. Y’all…O.M.G. I’ve been seeing a lot of this style lately and I think it just looks fab! It’s really versatile too – it balances out a rustic kitchen, it add glam to a modern kitchen and overall, adds a “wow” factor to any kitchen. What do you think – trendy or a new classic?



{missing the fish tacos from Malibu}

Surprisingly, of all of the things taking a back seat in my life, this is it! Usually I find cooking to be very therapeutic but the past few weeks I’ve felt very “meh” about it. Now, of course, this doesn’t mean we’ve been dining out (we are on a strict wedding budget AND diet y’all!), but I’ve been making “cheat” meals. Lately, favorites include:

  • Zuchinni noodles + TJs turkey meatballs + organic marinara sauce
  • TJs organic carrot-ginger soup + side salad
  • Eggs, turkey bacon & potato pancakes
  • Ground turkey meat + taco seasoning + mixed veggies
  • sauteed shrimp + cauliflower rice + stir fry veggies

Anyone have any healthy, quick recipes they could send my way? We both usually aren’t home until almost 8 and then we don’t want to eat much later than 8:30 so the more pre-prep I can do, the better!

And now are off…headed to ATL for two wedding showers. We can’t wait to be surrounded by family & friends and starting the celebrations!

What’s on your weekend agenda?! Any fun plans?


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