6 ways I’m keeping calm with our wedding 30 days away

Ahhhh…less than 1 month from today I will be walking down the aisle! That’s both scary and exciting. Also a little bittersweet because we’ve both loved the planning process so much that we don’t want it to be over. I’m reminded on a daily basis how lucky I am to have a fiancee who not only wants to be involved, but genuinely enjoys planning together. It’s been a really fun bonding experience for us.

That being said, there have been time of high stress and it’s a scary feeling to think that all of these months & months of hard work will come to fruition in a mere 30 days. We’ve got this vision in our heads so we’re praying it turns out even better than we imagine!

engagnement pic

Here are 6 things I’m doing to keep calm during this potentially stressful time:

Working Out: This is KEY! I’m telling you – nothing eases stress like a killer workout. Lucky for me, my crossfit coach totally gets it and my gal pal Amy is the best workout partner so he regularly gives us a “wedding workout” to do (holy arms). We’ve been pushing ourselves 5-6 times per week at our local crossfit box and it’s totally paying off. Did I mention how much I love working out?!

Delegating Details: As a type A control freak, this has not been easy. However, it is beyond necessary. There is a reason I hired these vendors (and are paying them a fortune!) so I’ve learned to trust in them and let them take the reigns. Also, I’m pretty lucky that both my mom and fiancee’s mom are involved & helpful. I’ve been able to count on them to gather information, pictures, etc. and other key tasks that I can’t do from afar.

Keeping our Normal Schedule: Right after we got engaged, I was reading something about how it’s important to not let the wedding take over your everyday life – that means not every dinner conversation needs to revolve around the big day. So while we discuss things often, I try to make a big effort to keep our everyday routines normal. We still go to work at our normal times, take our puppy for walks & watch our girl Dorinda every Wednesday night.

Minimizing Travel: Anyone who knows me knows that this has been the biggest challenge of all! Yes, we went to Iceland. Which was incredible. However, other than that we are laying low and staying local, in an effort to save money & eliminate any added stress to our lives. Plus, we’ve got a pretty incredible honeymoon on the horizon, so we’re saving all of our excitement for that!

Focus on Health: I mentioned working out above, but there’s so much more to “health” than exercise. For me, staying healthy also includes eating healthy, increasing my water intake, sleeping enough, and staying mentally sane. I’ve been focusing a lot on eating whole foods & eliminating as much processed food as possible. This means shopping mainly in the meat, seafood & produce aisles and trying to eat as veggie heavy as possible. Additionally, I’ve been very cognizant of drinking my body weight in water (ounces) and sleeping at least 7 hours per night. I’d love to say I’m getting 8-9, but that’s hard to come by during the week.

Remember the Point: This is by far the most important thing that all brides & grooms must do! Sure, we’re planning a big wedding weekend full of food, drink, activities, music, dancing, etc. And sure, we want to make sure that our family & friends have the best weekend of their lives….but…let’s not forget the reason we’re all coming together. For us, it’s important to stay grounded and remember that we’re hosting this weekend because Terry & I met, fell in love, and are vowing to spend the rest of our lives together. This big day signifies a new chapter in our lives – one of lifelong commitment, starting “our” life together, and beginning our journey as a family. We both take marriage very seriously and so we often remind ourselves how this is oh so much more than a “party”. This is the beginning of the rest of our lives.

What do/did you do to stay calm before your wedding?


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