Abstract Art via ETSY

Etsy is a wonderful, yet overwhelming, place to purchase home goods – especially textiles, unique decorative pieces, and art. It’s hard to know what’s good quality when it comes to e-commerce sites, but luckily art is one of those things that is completely subjective and comes with a “if you like it, but it” mentality.

Now, I’ll start by saying that I am lucky – I have a very talented cousin who is an artist and who I am trying to convince to open her own Etsy (or Minted) shop so that art lovers an enjoy her pieces like I do:


{how amazing, right?! This was a special engagement present}

So while I work on getting her set up, I’ll share a few similar favorites that I’ve found.



What are your favorite Etsy art shops?!

5 fave Becki Owens spaces

Happy Monday y’all! A brief update on last week’s post: after thinking a lot about it, I’ve decided to maintain the blog, but cut back. So my plan (as of now) is to post Mondays, Wednesdays (travel) and Fridays. I think that’s a realistic balance and it keeps my creative juices flowing. Moving on…

Becki Owens is one of my favorite interior designers. I loved Owens + Davis back when they had a home blog and as Becki has branched off, I’ve followed her work. Her style is classic chic (is that a thing?)- a lot of neutral bases, pops of color, symmetrical designs, a lot of flowers/plants, and it’s all very tailored and perfectly custom feeling. She is a HUGE inspiration to me and I just love, love, love her designs! Trust me when I say it’s near impossible to pick my top 5 favorites, but lets just say these 5 are pretty fab…

This formal living room is just fabulous! It’s obviously formal but doesn’t feel stuffy, given the comfy furniture, sheepskin stool & abundance of natural touches. Plus, this abstract artwork is a total show stopper as the focal point of the room!

Alto South abstract art living room

I remember seeing this gallery wall on Instagram a while back. It’s the perfect solution for a big, blank wall without feeling too cluttered. This bedroom is great for a couple because it’s totally gender neutral, yet elegant and relaxing.


This kitchen!!! All white everything! I ADORE these light fixtures and the marble tile backsplash. Again, I love the small pops of color and the touch of wood. This kitchen feels so classic to me.

Calmo kitchen

To me, this entry way immediately says “hello, welcome to my fabulously chic beach house”. The distressed wood with the light blue touches and those gorgeous dark hardwoods- its coastal chic at it’s finest. (spoiler alert: the rest of the home is equally amazing)

san clemente beach house entry way

One of my all-time favorite spaces, this beach house living space is just so perfect! There are so many details that make this area a cohesive, comfortable, classic space. For starters, that bed boarded ceiling is the perfect coastal touch. The neutral furniture feels so calming & inviting, with yet again- a small pop of color from the vases & branches. Effortlessly chic!

San Clemente beach house living room

I encourage you to go check out Becki’s portfolio & blog. She has a ton of amazing “how to’s” and styling tips. Keep up the great work, Becki!

One Kings Lane Art (under $500)

A few weeks back I was SOOOO excited when I came home and a huge FedEx package was on my front door step. I opened it up and this beauty was inside:


Isn’t she gorgeous?!

I really wasn’t sure what to put over the bed- part of me wanted a Gray Malin, part of my wanted an abstract piece, and part of me wanted a DIY to save cost. After all, I’m in a rental. So I thought long & hard about it and decided that I wanted a reasonably priced beach piece that had meaning. This one is just perfect! It was within my budget and the aerial shot is of San Sebastian, Spain. I’ve spent multiple summers in Spain and I’ve been to this beach, so this picture brings back such happy memories!

If you’re looking for some great ready-to-hang art pieces, I suggest you check out One Kings Lane. Here are a few of my favorites (all under $500!):









What’s your favorite “go-to” spot for art?!

Masculine Bedroom.

First off, thank you so much for the positive feedback on Monday and Tuesday‘s posts! I’ve had so many of you reach out via comments, email, Instagram – it’s such a great feeling to hear that you are loving my ideas! Your feedback truly inspires me & keeps my creative juices flowing!!


That being said, I’ve got an interiors topic we need to discuss today: The Masculine Bedroom…

We’ve all got that one man in our life- our brother, our best guy friend, our boyfriend/husband’s best buddy…and he needs our help!

He’s the guy who we know probably still has the old paisley (or worse…denim!) comforter that his mom picked out when he was in college.

He’s the guy who WE know is a great catch, but when he brings a date over, she cringes at his dirty, mismatched, frat house style bedroom.

Have no fear grown-adult-man-with-a-high-school-sense-of-interior-design-style, we are here to save you.



Step 1: Get a big boy bed. It’s time to have a bed frame, even…gasp, a headboard! These adult beds should happen when you graduate college, along with getting a well-fitting suit. Don’t know where to start? Try this or this. Both masculine, classic & affordable.



Step 2: Put actual bedding on this bed. Remember the aforementioned denim comforter? (Don’t lie- we allllll know a guy who has it) It’s time to say adios and get some adult bedding. This includes sheets, a blanket & a comforter/duvet cover that is decent [at minimum] quality & feels new! You can’t go wrong with all gray or a neutral.



Step 3: Invest in two matching nightstands with lamps. I know, I know…this is a lot to ask! But trust me, it’s time to have a place to put your reading glasses, your water, your phone. You can find great quality, affordable nightstands at Target or Wayfair. Let’s just make sure they match!



Step 4: Put some adult pieces on the wall. Also known as remove anything creepy/youthful…this list includes but is not limited to music posters, light up signs, mirrors over the bed and deer heads. It’s time to invest in art. Not sure where to start? Frame a few awesome travel pics. Hang up a framed map. Or American flag wood art. Perhaps a nice mirror.


Who is the man in your life that needs design help? Any important tips I’m missing?!

Etsy Shop: Color WaterColor

Back in late July, I was searching for some artwork for my home (remember this post!?) Well, after much consideration (price / size / style)… I found this fabulous Etsy shop & fell in love with these two prints:


 These are hand painted water colors and they are stunning in person. Joanna’s shop is located in Poland, but the paintings came quicker than I expected & packaged safely! She was a delight to work with and I highly recommend her shop if you’re in the market for some new artwork.

I mounted & framed them using this gold frame and wah-la! Beautiful artwork for above the nightstands:

unnamed (3)

PicMonkey Collage

Aren’t they just perfect?! I love the sophistication + the femininity + the softness + the pop of color!

Do you love them as much as I do?!

You can find Joanna’s website here.

Weekend Wishlist: Recent Finds

Happy Friday y’all! I am in MAJOR decoration mode right now (between yesterday’s nursery post a potential kitchen renovation & some personal projects). Since I’ve been looking at all of my favorite sites for decor, I thought I would share some of my favorite recent finds. From rugs to trays to pillows, there is SO much good stuff out there right now! Happy shopping!

UNDER $150


  1. buffalo horn tray 2. gray velvet pillow cover 3. patterned pillow 4. gold & white vase 5. mirrored tray 6. marble & gold end table (<– just purchased!) 7. bowl 8. calendar (great to cut out pages & frame in gallery wall!)

OVER $150

over 150

1. bench 2. pendant  3. bench 4. art 5. accent stool 6. runner 7. gold sphere lamp 8. velvet sofa

Sea fan art.

Are you guys familiar with sea fan art? I usually would think of this more for a coastal home or a beach house, but I’ve been seeing it used a lot lately. And I am loving it! Sometimes you just need something simple on the walls- when a mirror or piece of art won’t do, enter the sea fan. Here’s the picture that initially inspired this post:


Isn’t this bedroom the best? You can see the entire room here.

There are so many ways to use sea art- above the bed, in a nook, in a blank hallway space, leaning on a bookshelf…really in any filler spot:

555 1111 2222 3333 4444 6666


What are your thoughts? I’m eager to find a way to incorporate this into an upcoming project. While DIY is always an option for sea fan art, I’ve found some pre-made pieces that are quite lovely:

seafan art

{ 1. set of four 2. blue 3. stand-alone }