Coffee Tables + Coffee Table Books

Lately, I’ve been helping a few friends who are moving into new spaces with their living room tables. Coffee tables have been an increased topic of interest, as this is typically purchased after their rug & sofa/chairs are selected. It’s often an afterthought of living room decorating but luckily it’s pretty easy to find one that works. With thousands of options out there, I selected quite a few that hit a variety of needs, including a couple for dual usage/extra storage. Typically, I prefer that the table doesn’t match the end tables. For example, try a wood coffee table with a glass end table.

Ottoman-style coffee tables are great for those with children, those with small spaces & those who need a place to prop their feet up (let’s be real). These type coffee tables can also serve as additional seating if needed. I recommending using an oversized tray atop the ottoman to group & level items (i.e. candles, vases, books).

Here is a roundup of coffee tables that I recommend:

{ expandable |tufted | black laquered | leather | round tufted | large wood | reclaimed wood + metal | round glass | acrylic }

Of course, we can’t talk about coffee tables without mentioning coffee table books. I mentioned on Friday that these are a great hostess gift and in fact, I think they’re just a great gift in general. I usually get a few every Christmas to add to my collection. In fact, you may want to go ahead and pick up a few to keep on hand for upcoming holiday gifts – there are a couple below under $20. A small price to make a big impact.Beautiful books can be used in various ways – on table display, to add height, to anchor another item, to fill space in a bookshelf, etc.  A roundup of my current favorites:

{ Tom Ford | McQueen | Southerner’s Handbook | Beaches | Living with Pattern | Styled | Nate Berkus | EOS | Kate Spade | Underwater Dogs | Ultimate Travel }

What’s your favorite style coffee table? What’s your favorite coffee table book?


An “Adult” Living Space Under $4,000

When I moved in with my fiancee husband (<– still SO weird to say!), we went through the typical “combining of pieces”. This meant his frat-house looking dark green sofa would be adjacent to my cute, tufted cream colored sofa. The dart board got the boot, but the surfing picture stayed. Compromises were made, but now that we’ve been in the space for well over 12 months, I am o-v-e-r it. As in, every time I walk into the living room & see that damn green sofa I get a serious case of the skeevies. Old stained sofa be gone!

So, we are currently plotting how to redecorate our space while (a) keeping it gender neutral (b) purchasing spaces that we can repurpose in the future and (c) stay within budget. Here’s what I’m thinking:


Put together by these pieces…


Of course, we’ll keep a few art pieces we have (especially this one and these frames with our black & white Paris pictures) as well as my favorite candle, ginger jar & pillow. Add in a few good coffee table books (this, this & this) and we’re done!

{rug | sofa | chairs | lamp | coffee table | mirror | vases}

What are your tips for redecorating a space while staying within budget & gender neutral?! Any amazing pieces out there right now for the living room?!

Entry Table Styled 5 Ways

Happy Monday folks! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was working a conference all day Saturday so it felt like a super short weekend, but I tried to get as much accomplished as I could on Sunday. If you saw my Instagram recently, or follow me on Snapchat (@alexisf19), you’ll notice that I’ve been doing some entry table styling!

Your entry table is so important because it’s usually the first thing people see when they walk into your home. It totally sets the tone for decor & the rest of your home. Given that this is our mail collection spot/key holder/boot drop off/last mirror on the way out the door area, it needs to have a design that is functional, versatile & pretty!

Due to the fact that we are on a very strict wedding budget, I wanted a refresh without spending any money! So I collected all of our table top items in the living room:


and was left with a blank slate:


{white lacquer table & gold mirror via CB2 | side note: after seeing this picture, I’m in a vigorous attempt to either remove or paint those hideous outlets!)

From this, I tried to get creative and create 5 different style options for our entry table. When styling a surface area (coffee table, nightstand, vignette, etc) it’s important to incorporate high/low items, a natural item (think plants & flowers) and practical items – for an entry table, this means a catch-all for keys, chapstick, etc. Also, when in doubt, think in groups of 3 (it’s most aesthetically appealing!)

Here are the 5 entry table decor options that I came up with:

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4


Option 5


Before I reveal which I decided on (hint: it’s a combination of two), I want to know- which is your favorite?!

Coffee Table Styling

This morning has been on of those mornings- for me, that means I’ve rearranged our coffee table decor about 4,120,180 times, but I’m happy with the [current] finished product. For now.

(please ignore the awful cable cord sticking out of the top left…it’s legit my worst enemy)

Coffee table styling is so fun & easy– people usually overthink it, which is when you drive yourself crazy! Try to follow my “rule of 4” and you can’t go wrong:

Something to gather

Something to read

Something with scent

Something you need


{image via}

Let’s break it down, shall we?…

Gather: The anchor of the table! Think trays (or a variety), bowls, catch-alls, tins, etc…

Read: Books & mags! They’re great to add interest, height & color. Just keep ’em hardback!

Scent: This is a must have. Candles, flowers, or both! Fresh flowers are 100% worth it.

Need: This depends on the person. For me, I need a little place to store that stupid remote. I also “need” fresh hydrangeas weekly….but we’ll keep those under the “scent” category.

Here are some inspirational pics that use my “rule of 4” to style perfectly:







What are your “rules” of coffee table styling?!

Ellen Degeneres Home Tour

I don’t know about y’all, but I love me some Ellen. She is so kind & funny & always wants the best for people- she’s one of my favorite celebrities because she just seems to real & down to earth! She also has an amazing eye for design. I’ve heard other celebs rave about her homes, her style, etc. So when I came across her Southern California ranch-style home, I had to share. She’s also a notorious house flipper, so who knows if she even lives here anymore. If not, I’ll take it-this place is rustic chic at its finest. I love it so much- enjoy the tour!

1 2


4 5 6 7


Check out the full tour & commentary on Elle Decor

San Francisco Dream Home

When I was lying in bed last night and googled “white kitchen celebrity dream home” (yup…the things I do at 1am when I can’t sleep), I found the most fabulous home! I’m not sure if it’s a celebrity home, but it’s for sale for a cool $11.7M…no big deal. The 7,580 square foot home is located in Cow Hollow in SF, which is an affluent part of town (hence the price tag). The home was remodeled back in 2013 and is 7 bed/7 bath and is FABULOUS!!!!

Sit back, grab a glass of wine & enjoy this home tour:




















There’s so much drool-worthy amazingness happening, I don’t even know where to begin. Leave a comment below with your favorite part of the home!

Find the full article here.

Blue & White Hamptons Home

Happy Monday y’all!!! I hope everyone had a fantastic Sunday celebrating your mamas!

I’ve got some major Monday inspiration for you. When I stumbled across this gem in House Beautiful, I gasped! This home is AMAZING!!! I’m in a mega blue & white phase currently (still considering a navy velvet sofa!)- this space is so light and airy and just screams Hamptons perfection. I love the mix of whites & blues, solids & stripes, and natural touches, such as various hardwoods, plants & flowers. I mean, how beautiful are fresh hydrangeas?! They just take a room to the next level.

All designed by Mr David Lawrence, my new design crush.










What do you think?!