Baby Boy Nursery

Lately, I’ve been helping a couple design the nursery for their third child – a sweet baby boy. You may remember my gender “neutral nursery design” post or my “one nursery, three ways” design (<<– I still love this design SO much, I’m going to be stealing these ideas in the future for myself!). While both of those rooms were gorgeous, this one is going to be a bit different. I’ve actually helped this couple with their entry way, living space, and dining room so I’m very familiar with their style. The home has a lot of charm and the interiors are mainly monochromatic – classic with a twist, if you will.

Here are a few inspirational spaces that we pulled – take note of the color pallet, patterns, key furniture pieces & overall style.

animal prints

animal prints + neutral color pallet

2 accent wall

 glider + wall detail

3 arrows and rustic feel

 rustic vibes + patterns

4 wall detail

 accent wall + natural elements

{ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 }

From these images, we had a few key takeaways for baby boy’s new nursery: a color scheme of gray/navy/brown (the crib & dresser are ones they already had & wanted to use again), a rustic/natural feel (rope, wood, etc) and a few nods to animals and patterns (hence the artwork and bedding). Here is the design board I presented:

Baby Gs Nursery.jpg

{ accent paint / main paint / ottoman / mirror / bedding / animal prints / glider / pillows }

What do you think?!

I’ll be sure to share more pictures as the room is installed.


White Painted Fireplace: Before & After

Fireplaces can be one of the most beautiful, anchoring pieces in any room. They’re grand, warm, inviting & often the centerpiece of the room. While there are many styles of fireplaces, we often find that when doing a home renovation, the fireplace has to be updated as well. An inexpensive, but impactful option for updating a fireplace is to paint it white. Now this certainly isn’t the best option for every space but if you’re trying to update your traditional home to a more modern, bright feel – this may be just what you need. For instance, take my most recent home renovation project with a family in Georgia. See this beautiful white washed fireplaced with shiplap all the way up to the ceiling:


cabinets still need doors (going on this week) & shelves need to be styled

Well, this was the before:


That tv is blocking a half-built shelf. And that undersized mantle? This room was screaming for a makeover!

What a transformation, right?! When my clients wanted to make their large, vaulted ceiling living room feel more modern & bright, while keeping it family friendly, I knew exactly what to do. For starters, we painted the entire home interior (yup, every last bit) SW Repose Gray (the perfect greige!), added crown molding where needed, evened out those massive bookshelves shelves, also painted them white, and then revamped the 1990s looking fireplace. We first added shiplap the entire way up (and wrapped it around the sides), we added an 8′ reclaimed wood mantle & lastly, we had the fireplace white washed. The clients are so, so SO pleased with the finished product. And we had the entire project done in under 1 week!


 Progress pics of the shiplap – don’t you love the dark bookshelf backdrop we did?

Here are some more examples of beautiful white brick fireplaces – there’s a mix of white wash and full white paint.


{ 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5}

What do you think of white painted fireplaces? Are you impressed with this before & after?

Coffee Tables + Coffee Table Books

Lately, I’ve been helping a few friends who are moving into new spaces with their living room tables. Coffee tables have been an increased topic of interest, as this is typically purchased after their rug & sofa/chairs are selected. It’s often an afterthought of living room decorating but luckily it’s pretty easy to find one that works. With thousands of options out there, I selected quite a few that hit a variety of needs, including a couple for dual usage/extra storage. Typically, I prefer that the table doesn’t match the end tables. For example, try a wood coffee table with a glass end table.

Ottoman-style coffee tables are great for those with children, those with small spaces & those who need a place to prop their feet up (let’s be real). These type coffee tables can also serve as additional seating if needed. I recommending using an oversized tray atop the ottoman to group & level items (i.e. candles, vases, books).

Here is a roundup of coffee tables that I recommend:

{ expandable |tufted | black laquered | leather | round tufted | large wood | reclaimed wood + metal | round glass | acrylic }

Of course, we can’t talk about coffee tables without mentioning coffee table books. I mentioned on Friday that these are a great hostess gift and in fact, I think they’re just a great gift in general. I usually get a few every Christmas to add to my collection. In fact, you may want to go ahead and pick up a few to keep on hand for upcoming holiday gifts – there are a couple below under $20. A small price to make a big impact.Beautiful books can be used in various ways – on table display, to add height, to anchor another item, to fill space in a bookshelf, etc.  A roundup of my current favorites:

{ Tom Ford | McQueen | Southerner’s Handbook | Beaches | Living with Pattern | Styled | Nate Berkus | EOS | Kate Spade | Underwater Dogs | Ultimate Travel }

What’s your favorite style coffee table? What’s your favorite coffee table book?

5 easy home updates you can do this weekend

Happy Monday y’all!

We are having a serious Indian summer here in Boston and it is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Yesterday started with some sunflower fields & pumpkin patches and ended with the beach where it was over 80 and sunny…how lucky are we?! Given the weather, all of my current home projects have been put on hold until my worst nightmare winter comes. I’m sharing a few easy projects that you can do around the house that make a big impact. Bonus: these are applicable for you renters also!

5 easy home updates you can do this weekend:


Y’all know my favorite thing to do is paint something. This could be bathroom vanity, kitchen cabinets, or even some dated built-ins. Many landlords are okay with this, especially if they’re likely going to update when you move out. (It doesn’t hurt to ask – ours even bought the paint for us!) The above picture is an “after” of a killer transformation. This was a stark black piece that I painted white & updated the hardware. In fact, the “before” was so horrifying that I didn’t even snap a picture (haha).


Another easy (and fun!) weekend project is to update your walls. What does that mean? Well, you could paint – an accent wall, some stripes, or even some stencil if you’re up for it. You could add some wallpaper (see temporary wallpaper here). Additionally, you could create a gallery wall or add some inexpensive molding. 


A really great seasonal thing to do is to swap out your textiles. For Summer & Spring: think light fabrics, playful prints & bright hues. For Fall & Winter: try heavier wools & furs, darker fabric colors & more oversized pillows and throws. This is one reason that I always purchase down pillows and covers for them, versus pre-made pillows. You can mix & match between rooms, or simply get some new covers made in the fabric of your choice.


Of course, no update would be complete without a remix of accessories – y’all know this is one of my favorite tricks in the book. I’ve mentioned it before but “shopping your home” is an easy, free way to get that fresh, new feel you’re looking for. A great example is this “entry way 5 ways” post that I did earlier this year.


Lastly, try adding a plant to every room for an easy update. how about an indoor herb garden in the kitchen, a jade plant in the bathroom, and a fiddle leaf fig tree in the living room?! Plants bring in a calming nature feel, they freshen the air & add a pop of color. Head to your local nursery to discuss what will work best in your particular space! Shop some cute planters here.

What’s your favorite weekend design project?

4 Ways to Bring Fall into your Home

Happy Monday Y’all! It’s crazy to think that this Friday is officially the first day of fall. Considering I went to Iceland, had my bachelorette party, got married & spent two weeks in Africa (many posts coming soon!), it’s safe to say that this summer f-l-e-w by! It was the absolute best summer of my life and I’m feeling really good about everything so I welcome fall with open arms! So naturally, I spent a few hours rummaging through old fall decor & bought a few new things at Homegoods this weekend. Our house has a hint of fall to it and I’m loving it!

So, where do you start?


Bring natural fall elements into your home – cotton stems, rye stalk bundles, mums, sunflowers, etc. Your local grocery has a lot of great options for plants, while any craft store has options for faux-stems. Bringing the outside in is always a cost effective way to decorate your space while making a big impact.

IMG_1245 (1).jpg

Time to swap out pillows & blankets for some heavier, darker colors and patterns. Although I still have quite a few white & cream pillows in my living room, I swapped out the light colored accents for some darker grays and a darker plaid throw. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s so smart to buy cute throw pillow covers whenever you see them & keep pillows on rotation. I’ve got a mix of blues, grays, whites, lights, darks, etc. It’s so fun to swap these out throughout our rooms – keeps me from getting bored with our home decor!


If you must decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving, keep the holiday decor neutral. Now, of course, this rule goes out the window when you have kids. If you’ve got little ones at home who enjoy Halloween, go crazy – faux spider webs, sticky things on the windows, scary ghosts & goblins all over. If you don’t fall into that category, or if you want to decorate for these specific holidays while keeping a low key/classic feel, stick to neutrals. For example, I went to Homegoods this past weekend and picked up a few white ceramic pumpins and a few gold-ish sprayed ones as well. I love them because not only are they not orange & black, but they can be used from now until December. They’re more “seasonal” or “fall” versus “Thanksgiving” or “Halloween”. Get what I’m saying?!


Last but not least, allow your home to smell like fall. A girlfriend of mine gave me the best pumpkin scented candle from Bath & Body Works and I cannot wait to burn it! Also see that little white pumpkin above? It’s actually pumpkin scented potpourri inside – genius! There’s nothing better than walking into someone’s home in fall and smelling pumpkin or homemade chili or apple cider, am I right? This trick is easy, inexpensive and one of the best. This fall stovetop potpourri is a great place to start – especially if you’re having a gathering and need to spruce the place up quickly! I do it every year.

What’s your favorite way to bring fall into your home?

Sister Bedrooms – Ages 3 & 5

We’re in full demo mode down in Atlanta at #proejctwatershineway. The homeowners move in about mid-September and in the mean time we are replacing flooring, adding a mudroom, renovating the master bath, painting the entire interior/exterior and getting the nursery ready for child #3, due a mere 6 weeks post-move in. Are we crazy yet?! HA!

This lovely family has two beautiful girls, ages 3 & 5. As most sisters that age are, they are the best of friends and want to do everything together. They are also in the stage of “I want what she’s having” so when one says she wants pink walls, the other wants more pink walls…you get what I’m saying. So in order to keep the rooms “separate yet equal”, we’ve decided to not have any overlapping colors. This way there is no room for comparison and they can each have a darling space, individual to them.

Additionally, the parents wanted a space that the girls could grow into a little bit. You’ll notice that neither is overly-girly or overly-baby. They’ve got some key pieces that can be mixed & matched in between the two rooms, as well as bedding & art that can be updated as the girls grow. All in all, I’m really pleased with how these design plans turned out and I can’t wait until 6 short weeks from now when it’s all installed!

Sloan, Age 5

Sloanie Room Final.jpg

We decided on a gray/white/purple theme here in the 5 year old’s room. She’s getting a “big girl bed” so this adorable gray wooden full bed from PB Kids did the trick (comes in 4 colors!). Her walls will be a light purple with a deep purple accent wall where the bed is. She’s got fun, ruffled purple & silver bedding and a giant polka dotted bean bag to round out the space.

{ bed | paint + accent paintart | rug | bean bag }

Brooklyn, Age 3

Brooklyn's Room_final.jpg

The 3 year old’s room is a little more playful & girly. We’re opting for a very, very light blue on the walls (almost a faint robin’s egg blue) with an accent wall of fun gold polka dots. Her ivory bed will be covered with a pinch pleat blush comforter and some cute elephant print accent pillows in blue & pink (mama is an Alabama fan, after all!). She’ll have some cute canvas bins for her toys and some cute, personalized art on the wall.

{ paint | bedding | pillow | gold dots | mirror | art }

Since the two share a Jack & Jill style bathroom in between their bedrooms, we’ll be sure to incorporate pink and purple into it so that it really feels like a mix of the two.

What do you think?!

5 Tips for Working from Home

home office.jpg

Stunning home office via Kelley Nan – definitely Pin-worthy!

As someone who has had a “remote” or “outside sales” job for my entire career, I’ve pretty much mastered the art of working from home. Now, let me be clear – working from home is not for everyone. There are days where I won’t speak to another person for hours upon hours on end (even days sometimes!). Some people really thrive off a collaborative, energetic working environment (at times I miss this). Others need to be able to walk away at 5:00pm and not think about work until the next day (never have I ever been that person).

Given my experience, here are 5 tried & true ways to make your “working from home” experience the absolute best…

Create a space that works for you. It’s important to have an actual desk & chair, not just the sofa or kitchen table. I recently moved my “home office” area from the living area to the guest room and I found myself to be immediately more productive. For me, I enjoy being able to look out the window – seeing the brick building across the street nature keeps me feeling inspired! My desk is not near the television or the general area (in case the hubby comes home mid-day). Additionally, I keep a nice supply of pens, notebooks, etc. so I can truly feel like its my office. Find some home office inspiration/e-designs here, here, here & here.

Stick to a routine, especially when kicking off the day. For example: I wake up and pretty much spend from 7:00-8:00am each morning checking emails, writing blog posts, checking the news & social media, etc. Then at 8:00am, my work starts! Other than a mini-break here and there, I am in work mode from 9-5. I try my best to stick to it.

Make a list every morning. I guess this could help for those in a traditional office environment also but it helps even more so at home where there are SO many distractions. I usually make a list at the end of every day of what I need to accomplish the next day and check things off as I go. And in true OCD fashion, I rewrite the list 100x throughout the day, adding and deleting items. What can I say? I’m a freak.

Schedule breaks throughout the day to keep you sane! Luckily, I have a dog to help with this so I have a built-in morning walk, a midday lunch break & an afternoon walk. During these breaks, I make sure to refill my water bottle, grab a snack or call a friend. I don’t want to make it sound like my days are too regimented (because they usually aren’t) but I like to try to have a plan in order to keep me on track.

Probably the hardest thing to do, yet the most important, is to avoid at home tasks. It’s so tempting to want to throw in a load of laundry or catch up on RHONY (how amazing is this season, btw?!) or unload the dishwasher; however, this quickly leads down a rabbit hole. Next thing you know you’re organizing your entire hall closet and three hours have passed. (#beentheredonethat). It’s important to keep a true work vs home divide so that you can (a) be productive and (b) enjoy being home when you’re “off” work!


Don’t get distracted by your big, comfy bed calling your name for a mid-day nap!