Kitchen Style: White cabinets + Navy Island

So I was watching Bravo last week (obviously) and the Cyrus vs Cyrus show came on. While I wasn’t too crazy about the style I saw, I ended up watching the entire episode and having one good take away. Other than these amazing beams that were installed into this vaulted ceiling (seriously stunning!), I really loved the kitchen cabinet style they did – white cabinets (both upper & lower) with a navy island. Because the kitchen is so large, the gray really warmed up the space and kept it from feeling too sterile. They ended up changing the color last minute to gray but I actually prefer the navy…


the original proposal – they ended up with all white cabinets & gray island


finished product

{pics via Bravo}

I found some real-life spaces with a similar cabinet color style. Again, the white cabinetry mixed with dark island color provides contrast, warmth & brings some character to the space. Just make sure the counters are the same (or complimentary) and keep all finishes/hardware identical. The key is having a smooth flow in the space.






Wow, aren’t they all so stunning? I lean towards polished chrome finishes versus gold (think it looks more classic/less trendy) so the first picture is my favorite one.

Which is your favorite?


Life Lately, Vol. 4


{missing these Santa Monica palm trees}

Happy Friday y’all! Let me start by saying that I’m really digging my new blog posting format. The past few weeks I’ve posted M,W,F with Mondays being interiors, Wednesdays being travel and Friday being a mix.

While I don’t want to lose any interior-specific or travel-specific readers, I want to stay authentic to who I am and truly, I am a mix! When I focus more on one, I miss the other and vice versa. Let me ask you – do you have a preference for more interiors vs more travel? All feedback is welcome 🙂

Moving on…



{via one of our top choices}

 Our honeymoon! As you likely saw on Instagram, we booked our  flights to South Africa! I may or may not have cried a happy tear when we hit “submit”! #bucketlist

Step 1: Book our safari lodge…again, ALL feedback is encouraged!

Step 2: Lock down our hotel in Cape Town

Step 3: Fill in the gaps with fun excursions, restaurant reservations & winery tours!CURRENTLY READING:2.jpg{love the tv, hate the bills}

This incredible post from my fave couple over at Young House Love – they’re sharing the way they cut cable and anticipate thousands in savings over the next may months. I have been wanting to do this for SO. LONG. (Thanks to the monsters at Comcast) but it’s a process. Post wedding project #1: cut cable.



{stunning kitchen}

My current obsession is with marble waterfall islands. Y’all…O.M.G. I’ve been seeing a lot of this style lately and I think it just looks fab! It’s really versatile too – it balances out a rustic kitchen, it add glam to a modern kitchen and overall, adds a “wow” factor to any kitchen. What do you think – trendy or a new classic?



{missing the fish tacos from Malibu}

Surprisingly, of all of the things taking a back seat in my life, this is it! Usually I find cooking to be very therapeutic but the past few weeks I’ve felt very “meh” about it. Now, of course, this doesn’t mean we’ve been dining out (we are on a strict wedding budget AND diet y’all!), but I’ve been making “cheat” meals. Lately, favorites include:

  • Zuchinni noodles + TJs turkey meatballs + organic marinara sauce
  • TJs organic carrot-ginger soup + side salad
  • Eggs, turkey bacon & potato pancakes
  • Ground turkey meat + taco seasoning + mixed veggies
  • sauteed shrimp + cauliflower rice + stir fry veggies

Anyone have any healthy, quick recipes they could send my way? We both usually aren’t home until almost 8 and then we don’t want to eat much later than 8:30 so the more pre-prep I can do, the better!

And now are off…headed to ATL for two wedding showers. We can’t wait to be surrounded by family & friends and starting the celebrations!

What’s on your weekend agenda?! Any fun plans?

My Wedding Registry Strategy

So I must say, one of the most fun parts about being engaged so far has been registering for gifts! As an entertaining enthusiast, wannabe dinner party host & lover of all things visually beautiful, I am in heaven with this. The hardest part so far has been picking which stores & which items – there’s too much to choose from! I was tempted with one-stop-shop places like Zola and honeymoon registries like HoneyFund, but ultimately decided that I want to build a base of quality, classic pieces that can grow with us as a family. Plus, lets be honest- a lot of people give money (and that is Fine. By. Me.)

Here are some examples of categories that I used to help get me started:

The Big Ticket Items

Big Ticket Items.jpg

{Kitchenaid Mixer // Vitamix // Knife Set // Le Creuset Pot // Espresso Maker}

The Classics


{ Pitcher  // Cake Stand // Dinner Plate // Salt & Pepper Shaker// Flatware // Measuring Spoons}

The Practical Goods


{Luggage // Bedding // Towels // Stainless Cookset // Marble Mortar & Wood Board}

Collectively, all of these pieces give us a great base to start with. As expected, I stuck with a neutral color pallet- white, silver/gold, blues, marble, wood. Call me boring, but I like to think of it as classic. Plus, it’s always fun to pop into Homegoods & pick up trendy, patterned pieces here and there.

For those of you married ladies, or those who love house stuff as much as I do…what am I missing? Any tips or advice when registering?!

Blue & White Home Tour

Happy Home Tour Tuesday!

This week I was browsing Pinterest (shocker) and came across this tour of Ruth Chancellor, via Maria Killam’s website. Two very talented ladies, to say the least!

I’m really loving the blue, gray & white color scheme. This color pallet is visible throughout the entire home, but utilized in different ways to keep things interesting. I’m particularly fond of the navy blue island (and hood!), the gray wood furniture & the blue grasscloth wallpaper in that master bath. Oh, and who doesn’t love a few good placements of ginger jars?! Here are a few of my favorite rooms:


You can find the entire tour here.

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday y’all! It is seriously starting to feel like fall here in Boston. Yesterday the high was in the 70s and I actually was craving something pumpkin! (No PSLs yet, don’t worry #basic). Nothing major on the agenda for me this weekend- I’m thinking some hiking in New Hampshire, some homemade pizza and some football watching (Go Dawgs!). So for now, let’s enjoy some gorgeous spaces together…

Seriously loving this sneak peak into this stunning Montana home – I may have to share a full home tour on this one…


A simple, yet classic master bath setup (also, painting the cabinets is an inexpensive way to update your space…especially you, renters!)…


No big deal, just the world’s MOST AMAZING pantry…of all time…


Kristin’s entire home is pretty spectacular, but I’m especially loving the gold hardware with the black molding…


For those of you living in a small space out there, this is a great solution for a home office…


Enjoy your weekend 🙂


5 fave Becki Owens spaces

Happy Monday y’all! A brief update on last week’s post: after thinking a lot about it, I’ve decided to maintain the blog, but cut back. So my plan (as of now) is to post Mondays, Wednesdays (travel) and Fridays. I think that’s a realistic balance and it keeps my creative juices flowing. Moving on…

Becki Owens is one of my favorite interior designers. I loved Owens + Davis back when they had a home blog and as Becki has branched off, I’ve followed her work. Her style is classic chic (is that a thing?)- a lot of neutral bases, pops of color, symmetrical designs, a lot of flowers/plants, and it’s all very tailored and perfectly custom feeling. She is a HUGE inspiration to me and I just love, love, love her designs! Trust me when I say it’s near impossible to pick my top 5 favorites, but lets just say these 5 are pretty fab…

This formal living room is just fabulous! It’s obviously formal but doesn’t feel stuffy, given the comfy furniture, sheepskin stool & abundance of natural touches. Plus, this abstract artwork is a total show stopper as the focal point of the room!

Alto South abstract art living room

I remember seeing this gallery wall on Instagram a while back. It’s the perfect solution for a big, blank wall without feeling too cluttered. This bedroom is great for a couple because it’s totally gender neutral, yet elegant and relaxing.


This kitchen!!! All white everything! I ADORE these light fixtures and the marble tile backsplash. Again, I love the small pops of color and the touch of wood. This kitchen feels so classic to me.

Calmo kitchen

To me, this entry way immediately says “hello, welcome to my fabulously chic beach house”. The distressed wood with the light blue touches and those gorgeous dark hardwoods- its coastal chic at it’s finest. (spoiler alert: the rest of the home is equally amazing)

san clemente beach house entry way

One of my all-time favorite spaces, this beach house living space is just so perfect! There are so many details that make this area a cohesive, comfortable, classic space. For starters, that bed boarded ceiling is the perfect coastal touch. The neutral furniture feels so calming & inviting, with yet again- a small pop of color from the vases & branches. Effortlessly chic!

San Clemente beach house living room

I encourage you to go check out Becki’s portfolio & blog. She has a ton of amazing “how to’s” and styling tips. Keep up the great work, Becki!

Butcher block countertops

Don’t let this title fool you- I simply LOVE all white kitchens with a white marble counter top. I mean, this is my all-time favorite kitchen after all:


{image via}

However, one of the things I love most about it is the hint of natural wood that breaks up the all white from feeling too sterile/insane asylum-ish. But if the exposed wood wall isn’t an option in your space, a butcher block counter top is. It’s also great for an island (all white counter tops above wall cabinets.




I’m also loving them used when pairing white & black cabinets together. I think it makes the space feel less harsh and really creates a more rustic feel.





What are your thoughts on butcher block counter tops? Would you choose this instead of/in addition to all white?!