Life Lately, Vol. 42

Happy Friday Y’all!

We are headed back to the mountains, but this time we’ll be up in Loon, New Hampshire for a friends weekend! Woo Hoo! We have a fun weekend planned, full of skiing, group dinners, playing games & Apres ski in the hot tub. Should be the best time!

bathroom1 (1)

bathroom details – love our navy cabinets with white tile

Researching instant potswhat do y’all think? Our crockpot is pretty small and on it’s last leg so I was thinking of replacing it, when my friend Cyndi mentioned how much she loves her new Instant Pot since it works as a crock pot and a high speed pressure cooker. It seems like a great solution for making multiple types of meals with one appliance (the less kitchen appliances, the better). Have any of you had experience with one?

Cooking a few different recipes for our group trip this weekend. While we’re splitting breakfast / lunch/  dinner groceries (so much easier that way!), each couple is contributing an adult beverage an an app to share! I’ll be making my friend Britt’s avocado + feta salsa (it’s seriously amazing and such a crowd pleaser) and a batch of black bean brownies. Trust me when I say, I would much rather have true brownies, but Summer is right around the corner so I’m trying to make healthier decisions where I can and cut back on sugar a bit.

Shopping for some new jeans. I haven’t bought a new pair of jeans in years (the struggle is real) and most of mine are lower rise. The older I get, the more I’m trying to dress nicer, a bit more age appropriate and really for my body type. My friend Jenn recommended these Madewell Mid-rise jeans and I’m obsessed. My blue denim ones arrived yesterday and the black ones are en route. The higher waisted really sucks everything and makes my legs look way longer (which is a bonus since I’m 5’8″ but have a longer torso than legs). What are your favorite high waisted jeans?

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Life Lately, Vol. 41


Life Lately, Vol. 41

Happy Friday Y’all! What a weird week it’s been. I arrived groggy & out of it on Monday at 6am on a red eye from San Deigo, we had a blizzard on Tuesday, then picked up the pieces on Wednesday and had a normal work day yesterday – is today Tuesday or Friday? HA! I’m hoping to get back into the groove of things next week – I’ve got a lot of exciting projects and travel plans to share over the next few weeks. Speaking of sharing, let me ask you what you would like more of: interior design, travel, lifestyle, recipes, or something else? Let me know!

bedroom 3 (1).jpg

our master, with the current lamps

Looking to buy some new lamps for our master bedroom. When we moved, I opted to keep the Target ones we had (sold out, similar); however, I think they’re a bit too short and too blah. Given the grey campaign nightstands, I want to bring in some brighter, white lamps. I like the white + gold on these Safavieh lamps, but they’re too short. Here’s a set via OKL that’s similar. I’m liking the detail on this Pottery Barn lamp (also named the Alexis!) as well as the texture on this set from One Kings Lane. What do you think?

Eagerly awaiting Spring for a variety of reasons (cold temps & snow being TOP of my list), but one is so that I can clean out my closet and transition my wardrobe from winter to Spring. I feel like it has been sooooo long since I’ve worn a dress or tank! Given that our closets are pretty small, I’ll be following this guide on how to best organize our closet for Spring (it’s a totally different ballgame when sweaters, boots & down jackets are out of the space). Also loving this post titled “How to Spring Clean Like the Pros” – these are great tips that apply to many rooms of the home, including closets, office & kitchen. Bring on the spring cleaning!

Proud of the students at the high school I attended, Lakeside for their collective effort and coming together for the school walkout this week. The students, teachers & administrators all came together and it was a successful, peaceful movement. Without getting political on here, I will say that what happened in Sandy Hook (and the other countless school shootings in 2018, 2017, and prior) should never, ever happen again – it’s just outrageous! So I am proud of these teenagers for standing up in what they believe in and trying to make a change for the better in this world.

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Life Lately, Vol. 40

Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

Life Lately, Vol. 40

Happy Friday Y’all! This weekend is a fun one as I’m spending it in Southern California with two of my best friends! I was able to escape the Boston winter juuuuust in time and made it here without getting snowed on too much. I foresee a lot of outside patios, fish tacos, beach walks & happy hours on our horizon for the weekend!

made it just in time for my first Cali sunset

Shopping for new Spring decor pieces! I’m loving this Anthropologie pitcher, perfect for serving fresh lemonade or stuffing with freshly picked flowers. Also love this blueish-green tray, perfect for hosting. Lastly, this vase is great for atop the mantle or a buffet.
Reading a lot more these days, likely because I’ve got so many flights on the horizon. A few books that I’ve got on my immediate list are An American Marriage, The Break, Crazy Rich Asians, Little Fires Everywhere and The Nightingale. Have you read any of these?
Still planning our trip to Ireland in May! Luckily my friend Ryan lived there for two years so he’s giving us amazing suggestions. Currently, I’m looking for castles to stay in! I have heard of the famous Dromoland Castle, Blarney Castle and Ashford Castle, but I’m looking for more off-the-beaten-path (aka not so overpriced) castles. Anyone have suggestions?
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THP: February: Marriage

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m doing a little bit of self-discovery this year and I’m reading my way through The Happiness Project as I work through it myself (which I discovered via my love for Podcasts!). In January, my focus was vitality (mainly health + wellness and de-cluttering). Each month, I’ll share what the previous month was about – the overall goals, some takeaways and general practices that I’ve implemented. I also want to highlight what has stuck with me as habit, month over month.

the happiness project-1


As newlyweds, I thought this would be the perfect time to make sure we’re on the same page from day 1 (spoiler alert: we are!). So much of what we uncovered that we want to work on isn’t actually being “unhappy” – it’s more so making sure that we both actively implement healthy marriage habits in our everyday lives to avoid in future pitfalls. I think that a lot of people tend to be unhappy in their relationship because they get in bad habits – it’s best to try and recognize those right away so we can make ourselves (and each other) aware when we’re doing them.

Part 1: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

This one is huge! It’s way too easy to fall into the pattern of nagging or complaining about small, unimportant stuff. Does it really matter if he left a shirt on the floor again? A lot of this falls into what I call the “roommate’ type stuff – cleaning up, keeping tidy, house chores, etc. While I think it’s important to divide and conquer, you have to pick your battles. In fact, when I took out the trash for the third day in a row (so not my “job”), I was annoyed but then I quickly thought, “why does this matter?” My husband left the house at 5:00am for work because he has the most incredible work ethic and is providing for our family. I wouldn’t want to take the trash out either! At the end of the day, we are a team and that’s what matters.

The verdict: I found that as I think twice, try hard to pick my battles and really just be more easy going, we both are happier. Nobody wants to be a nag and certainly nobody wants to be around one. If you find yourself in this position, I encourage you to try really hard to ask yourself why you act this way and hope that you, too can lighten up!

Part 2: Give Proof of Love

Giving “proof of love” can mean a lot of different things to different people. In my wedding vows to Terry, I said that I always want “to create a home full of love, compassion & kindness that we can grow our family in”. I always want home to be the place where we both want to be, no matter what challenges we face. That means having a home that is full of comfort, warmth, and unconditional love.

One other practices that I wanted to implement (remember what I said about forming positive habits?) was praise in public, address in private. We are a united front and I always want my husband to know that I have his back, no matter what. Though we will of course have disagreements, those need to be handled in private, between only us two. It’s critical to praise with kind words and gestures in public (I think the same goes for your children) as it creates a trusting, loyal relationship without resentment.

A big component of this topic was to make time for a monthly date night. We are two very busy people and it’s easy to let weeks go by without having a dedicated time for us. Even if it means the two of us heading to the local Italian joint and splitting a bottle of wine, it’s “us” time that’s much needed.

The verdict: This part was easy to implement. Just remember, we are a team. We come first. Laugh more, hug more, kiss more. There’s never too much love to give!

Part 3: Learn Each Others’ Love Language

Perhaps the most important to me, learning each others’ love language is critical in developing and maintaining a fulfilling relationship, for both parties. If you haven’t read the 5 Love Languages Book, I highly recommend it – we read through it prior to marriage and found it to be highly insightful. What you  think makes your partner happy is not necessarily the case. For example, your husband can bring you home jewelry and gifts every week but if all you want is an act of service (i.e. picking up dry cleaning or handling the dishes after you clean) then neither of you will be fulfilled. It’s a commonsense approach – kind of a “put yourself in their shoes” – that has been proven to help any relationship. To me, it was worth reminding myself what makes Terry feel loved and what makes me feel loved. Since Terry is acts of service & I am quality time, we have been making sure to let the other know – in their love language – how we love him. When I meal prep his weekly food, he’s over the moon. When he dedicated time to just me, I feel loved.

The verdict: We’ve implemented an electronics-free dinner since often this is our only time during the day to connect one-on-one. I’m getting the quality time that I need, while he’s able to share his week so I can know how I can help. It’s a win-win.

Happiness Habits Implemented
  • From January – “Power Hour”: I’m still incorporating 1 hour each Friday where I basically Get.Sh*t.Done. It’s proven to be impactful and worthwhile.
  • From January – Decluttering: Somehow I cleaned out two more bags from our closets and I’m working very hard not to re-purchase items. If you want more info on decluttering, especially emotional, read this article.

Have you started your Happiness Project?!

Life Lately, Vol. 39

Happy Friday y’all! This week has been super busy with family visiting, the Lynx Fitness Club launch party & fighting off this cold in between. Next week is even busier as I’ve got two bosses in town, a work conference and a short week as I’m heading to Cali on Friday for a little R & R with some of my best gal pals. This weekend is definitely going to be one of productivity (laundry, packing, etc.) and preparing for next week. I’m hoping to hit a few workout classes, enjoy some time outside (weather permitting) and continue to plan our Ireland trip! Thanks for all of the suggestions so far – keep them coming!

mela2 (1).jpg

Happy Friday from this little piggy!

Transitioning into Spring a bit prematurely over here. The weather has been wild here in Boston – one day its 30 the next its 70. The past few weeks though have held around 50 which has me crossing ALL of my fingers and my toes that Spring is coming! Layering is key this time of year, which makes it super important to have a good pair of booties, a light sweater, a chambray button down (my most worn piece!) and a light jacket. I found this article from last year on transitioning your wardrobe which holds true still!

Budgeting hard core over here. I touched on this a few weeks back but we’re officially up and running with Mint, a site that I have found to be credible, beneficial & efficient. I’m eager to see where we stand after a few weeks of data come in. Most people tend to overspend in areas they don’t even realize (i.e. uber!) so I find it helpful to have all the hard numbers in front of us. I’ve got a “money” month The Happiness Project coming up, so this is a bit of homework in preparation for that. I gotta say, budgeting feels good!

Cooking vegetarian lately over here and it’s been surprisingly well received by my husband. While I never eat red meat/pork (going on 25+ years over here!), Terry has been cutting back and we’ve been focusing a lot more on veggie / legume heavy meals. We’re both really great about eating vegetables but I wanted to get out of the habit of having a meat-based protein with every dinner. There are so many healthier, more affordable options such as eggs, beans, tofu, etc. We’ve had spiced lentil soup twice now (it’s a HUGE hit) as well as soba noodle salad (served over mixed greens) and this week we’ll be trying vegetarian shepherd’s pie (sub cauliflower for potatoes).

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Life Lately, Vol. 38

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Life Lately, Vol. 38

Happy Friday Y’all! Anyone else feel like January dragged on forever but February flew by?! We’re in for a treat this weekend as our friends from NYC are visiting us! We’ll be taking some gym classes, visiting a museum or two, dining on Greek & French food and hopefully getting some waterfront views from the rooftop igloos. All in all, a stellar winter weekend!


My favorite photo from last weekend’s Snowy Seaport Staycation

Shopping for some spring kicks. I spend so much time in gym clothes, running errands, walking around town, etc. that comfortable shoes are critical. I want some that are a step up from sneakers but still casual enough to wear with black leggings. I’m currently leaning toward these blush high tops, some pink chuck taylors (too obnixious?) or some all white ones. Am I crazy for trying to pull these off?

Designing our back deck layout! We have an odd shaped, curved patio but it’s actually pretty big. Given that we have a very short window to enjoy the outdoor area here, I want to make sure that our deck is up & running the moment the weather turns. We already have our grill and a storage bin but I’m planning on purchasing an outdoor rug, a small loveseat or two chairs (or a set), a couple of garden stools (loving this blue color) and some lanterns. Of course, I need space for some gardening planters and flower pots, but that will be a separate post (I have a major black thumb!)

Reading this article about bettering your career. As someone who currently feels “in limbo” with my career path, reading articles about career enhancement and about overall job satisfaction always helps. I’ll never be one of those people who stays in the same role for 10 years or with the same company for 20 years, it’s just not in my DNA. I’m a firm believer that in your career, especially the sales one that I’m in, you have to always be looking for that next promotion or new opportunity. It’s tough to always be pushing yourself but it’s necessary if you want to truly be successful.

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Life Lately, Vol. 37

Life Lately, Vol. 37

Happy Friday Y’all! This weekend is a fun one for us – my friends at Starwood are hosting us for a weekend in the Seaport and I’ll be sharing more on that next week!


Reading this interesting article about design trends for 2018. I’m definitely seeing the resort trend and herringbone (we’ve seen wood flooring a lot and tile too). What do you think of these trends?

Researching articles on budgeting – I’m trying real hard to work on getting our family on a budget of sorts. When you’re a “dink” (double income no kids), it’s an interesting position. On one hand, you’ve got minimal responsibilities and a lot of disposable income; however, there is a lot of room for overspending or oversaving. I would like us have us on the latter end! A few good articles are this and this.

Grilling for the first time this season, or at least trying to! We got a new Weber and finally were able to use it for the first time this week. Once warm weather stays, I am hoping to ditch the kitchen all together and just grill nonstop! A few recipes that are catching my eye are these cheddar bacon potatoes, grilled pizzas (been dying to try this!) and these grilled s’mores – OMG yum!

Enjoy your weekend!