Life Lately, Vol. 12

Happy Friday y’all! My weekend was supposed to consist of packing & prepping for a 3-day work trip next week but since it unexpectedly got cancelled, I have a wide open weekend (yay!). I’ll be finishing those wedding thank you notes, blogging a LOT (y’all I have so much going on – I cannot wait to share) and hopefully hitting the pool or beach if that pesky rain holds off.


a calm Friday morning view

Cooking: Ok so I am not a huge fan of salmon; however, I know it’s really good for us…blah blah blah. SO, I am trying my best to find non-fishy tasting recipes that we can enjoy for dinner. So far I’ve pinned these salmon cakes, this bourbon + brown sugar recipe & this ginger-honey glazed salmon.

Swooning: Over this Virginia farmhouse tour! This home is set on a gorgeous, private property in Fishing Bay, VA. It’s got a laid back feel, but decorated perfectly. Those views don’t hurt either! See a picture below.

Shopping: In major need of some key Africa items – specifically khaki/green pants with pockets (for the safaris), some hiking shoes (we’re hiking twice), a modest, sporty bathing suit (for shark diving!) and a couple of maxi dresses (for cute dinners out). Does anyone have any “must pack” safari items?

Saving: Speaking of shopping, I’m a firm believer that in order to go shopping, I’ve got to make room in my current closet. I spent a couple of hours going through my closet this week and I’ve got two big bags of items that I haven’t worn in months or items that don’t fit anymore (why does everything shrink in length?!) While I’ll be taking a big chunk to Buffalo Exchange or Goodwill, I’ve got some higher end items that I’d like to make some money on. You can shop my Poshmark closet HERE (adding more this weekend!)


Life Lately, Vol. 11

An Adult Living Space under $4K


The beautiful sunroom – imagine having coffee every morning here!

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Life Lately, Vol. 11

Happy Friday Y’all!

I’m actually heading out of town for the weekend due to a lot fun events, including a dear friend’s baby shower, a site visit for a new renovation starting in September (!!!) and some house hunting of my own. This is a big, big weekend y’all! Wish me luck on all fronts xo.

living room

Loving: Our new living room setup! After 3 years I finally convinced my now husband (then boyfriend) to toss that hideous old, green frat house looking sofa. We got two new chairs and a new area rug and it feels like a Whole. New. Room. I mean, it looks like we painted, refinished the floors & replaced everything. We LOVE it!!! (see some of my sample e-designs here)

Updating: My new design portfolio tab is up and running! Since most of my work has been via e-design with results undocumented (sorry but I just can’t bring myself to post the pictures unless they’re professionally taken!). Nonetheless, I’ve put a lot of work into this and it’s the fastest growing area of my blog, so I’m excited to share it. You can check it out HERE. 

Researching: South Africa wine country! We’re less than a month out and we have our wine country hotels finalized, along with a couple of dinner options. What we’re looking into now is which wineries to go to. Anyone have recommendations? We’ll be taking the Wine Tram in Franschhoek and the VineHopper in Stellenbosch so we get to pick which routes to go. Any and all tips, suggestions, recommendations are welcome!


Travel Guide: Reykjavik

Blue Dining Room

Wedding Planning Highs & Lows

The Power of Built-Ins

Have a wonderful weekend!

Life Lately, Vol. 10

One week today we will be in Saratoga at the race track with all of our family & friends. It’s crazy to think how quickly our 8 month engagement has flown by. Needless to say, the past week has been a total blur – between working in the field (aka outside sales/my day job), crossfit daily, my dress fitting, cooking every night, finalizing numbers with vendors & dealing with last minute details, I can’t believe it’s over. I really need this weekend to slow down because I’ve got a lot to do…


Reading: I’ve got a LOT of flying coming up in August/September (currently 10 flights, more to come) so snagging up a few good books is a must. I came across this list on Goop, which is pretty good. On my list: Rich & Pretty and Under the Harrow.

Cooking: Super light & veggie heavy! I made this zoodle recipe (sans cheese) for dinner this week & it was delicious. We also made this salmon recipe & I was going to make this arugula recipe but I found a LIVE bug in my Trade Joe’s organic arugula bag & now I’m scared of arugula. It was really gross, y’all. How is a bug still alive & flying around inside a produce bag? Someone help me here…

Shopping: I’m sure you’ve seen and their #nsale list….yes, it’s super cliche and while I’m no fashion blogger, this sale is undoubtedly the best of the year. It’s a great time to stock up on some key investment pieces for fall/winter months. In my shopping cart is this pair of workout capris, these leather leggings, this killer black jumpsuit, these perfect fall booties and this jacket (technically not part of the sale but I’ve been eyeing it for years and it’s so necessary in New England!). What’s on your #nsale list?

Coveting: All of the home accessories from McGee & Co! Ugh, I cannot wait to buy a house & decorate the sh*t out of it! Haha, seriously. I’ve been put on a home decor spending freeze for over 6 months now and I’m trying real hard to not purchase anything until we have a more permanent home. We’ve been looking to move for months now so once we finally decide when & where, I’ll be back to shopping. But for now I’m window shopping: this driftwood & these sea glass beads would look perfect on a coffee table, pretty much every single pillow is stunning, would snag this door mat and this rug for my home office.

Obsessing: Over this ADORABLE baby frenchie that my friends at the gym just got! Have you ever seen a cuter puppy? His name is Bron and I am in love. He’s basically Mela in puppy formation. I mean, look at these sweet eyes. Talk about having puppy fever now…


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Life Lately, Vol. 9

TGIF!! And happy (almost) 4th of July!

There’s nothing I love more than a four day holiday weekend! (except maybe this frenchie in a ball pitthis frenchie in a ball pit…hysterical!)


Shopping for: our wedding bands! I’ve already got mine picked out (99%) but Terry is still debating between sizes & colors. I’ve partnered with EB Horn to identify band options – stay tuned for more on that after the holiday!

Cooking: all things cauliflower! In an effort to sneak more veggies into my everyday diet, I stumbled across a ton of recipes from Lindsay and let me say – they all look delicious! I’m a big fan of meatless Mondays so I will be trying this real soon. A few that I’m eyeing are the spicy cauliflower burgers, spring detox cauliflower salad & spicy shrimp with cauliflower mash & greens.

Dreaming of: This mezze platter! Holy shiz y’all this looks amazing. I’ve recently been in a mezze plate > cheese plate and making these for all parties.

Finalizing: our wedding events head counts so that we can determine amount of alcohol needed. Y’all, this is no easy task! It’s so hard to determine who drinks what, how many they will have, and for how long. I’ve been relying on drink calculators like this to guide me. Any event/party planners out there who may have some advice on this topic?

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Life Lately, Vol. 8

Oh, Friday how I am glad to see you! This week flew by in the blink of an eye because we were so busy. It was one of those weeks where I actually got an insane amount of work done (day job, blog, wedding tasks, friend dinners, daily workouts) but I was up at 6:30am and didn’t eat dinner until after 9:30pm 3 out of 4 days. Whew! I have a feeling this may be my life until after the wedding…

bridal show.jpeg

Hard to believe this was taken at a bridal show back in January – just 1 month after we got engaged!

Wedding: Speaking of, I’ll be doing a big wedding update next week to share how things are going, what’s left to do, etc. Crazy how the past 7 months have flown by in the blink of an eye.

Shopping for: Nothing! My fiancee and I decided a couple of weeks ago that we are halting all unnecessary spending until after our honeymoon, in a last ditch effort to save a small chunk before the big day. That means no dining out (I mentioned our dinner with friends above, but it was really clients who had been asking to treat us to dinner for months, so that doesn’t count!), no shopping (for home or clothes), no Starbucks coffee and no frivolous spending. Basically, if it’s not rent, a bill, gas, or groceries – we ain’t buying. I’ve done this before and it’s amazing how quickly you can save when you are hyper aware of it. Anyone else tried this?

Financial: Since we’re on the topic of spending…let’s talk financial. If there were any other career I would have chosen, financial planner would likely be it. I LOVE talking finances, read financial blogs, listen to financial radio stations/podcasts and have a general interest in the topic. I strongly believe that knowledge is power and there is so much to know in regards to finance. A friend and I were discussing budgets and I suggested that she & her husband see a financial planner (they just had a baby) to get on track with saving, spending & long term planning. This is one thing Terry & I will do in the fall after we’re married. For us, being on the same page financially is huge. We want to make sure we’re properly planning future events & starting our marriage on a healthy financial foot. I’ve heard great things about LearnVest (I also listen to her show). Has anyone used them before?

Cooking: I’m usually a creature of habit when it comes to dinner. I’ve pretty much got my top favorites on rotation (crockpot chicken, baked fajitas, shrimp tacos, stir fry) but I’m loving all things Greek right now. The flavors are so delicious & ingredients healthy! These turkey burgers are a staple of ours (served naked with Greek salad) and I’m eager to try this Mediterranean style frittata, seared Mediterranean tuna steaks, and Greek quesadillas. Yum!

On that note, I’m off! Today will be another normal work day with dinner at home (I may try one of the above recipes) while Saturday will be a full-blown wedding planning day. We’ve got quite a few tasks to check off our list. Luckily for us, it’s supposed to be 85 & sunny on Sunday, so beach day it is! My favorite 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!

Life Lately, Vol. 7


After being not only delayed twice, but cancelled, and then re-delayed on my way back from FLL (you can read about my trip here), I finally arrived home 48 hours later. While I certainly don’t enjoy dealing with airline delays (Spirit customer service, you can expect to hear from me later today!), I was able to spend a quick 36 hours in Atlanta seeing my family which was a wonderful surprise! I must admit, I was feeling a little homesick and needed that visit.


3rd visitor in 2 weeks arrives on Sunday so keeping this guest room clean is key…

Travel: Speaking of, there has a been a lot of travel new lately, including a new 72-hour SPG cancellation policy update (I’m a loyal member with status so this makes me cringe) and some possible restrictions when visiting Cuba, a country I’m hoping to make it to soon. Looks like I better plan this trip for sooner rather than later.

Honeymoon: In other travel news, we are booking away! I mentioned before that we booked our safari via Sabi Sands and now we’ve booked our hotels in both Johannesburg & Cape Town. Next up: inter-Africa flights (to/from the safari lodge and from JNB-CPT), our hotel in wine country and…wait for it…shark diving!! AHHH this is really happening.

Shopping: I’m on a major spending freeze (weddings & honeymoons are no joke y’all…$$$); however, I am in search of a couple cute one-piece bathing suits. We all know they’re making a huge comeback. Gone are the days of old, frumpy one pieces. The ones these days are stylish, sexy & so cute! I’ve got my eye on this black one & this off the shoulder. How cute for bike riding around a beach town? Throw on some jean shorts & you’re ready! Perhaps I’ll get both…

Reading: Not like I have any time for reading right now; however, laying on the beach with a good paperback (and a glass of rose) may or may not be my Sunday activity of choice. I’ve currently got The Royal We and Forks, Knives and Spoons in my cart. Both came highly recommended as fun & easy summer reads. Anyone read them?

Interiors: Crushing hard on this Studio McGee Park City renovation. Whoever owns this home is one lucky duck! This rustic meets mountain dream home is To. Die. For. Let’s be honest, anything Syd & Shea touch turns to gold. Check it out!

Wedding: The 6-week countdown begins. My fiancee & I are getting SUPER excited to host all of our loved ones for the weekend. Given that my to do list is a mile long (about 6 printed pages to be exact), I am spending every waking second this weekend getting stuff done. I need a whole new word for “overwhelmed”. Who wants to help me? Any takers?

On that note, I’m off to Michaels, The Dollar Store, Anthropologie, Staples & Target to knock stuff of this list. Wish me luck!

What’s on your weekend agenda?!

My Bachelorette Party

Happy  Monday y’all! I’m still on a huge high from pretty much the best weekend ever. All of my best friends & I hopped down to South Florida for a long weekend full of beautiful ocean views, delicious food & drink and endless laughs. I’m so grateful that 10 of my best gal pals were able to join in celebrating my “last sail before the veil” (as our boat Captain Michael said). To say I’m sad the weekend is over is a huge understatement! Isn’t it the best feeling when you bring a group of friends together & everyone not only gets along, but genuinely enjoys spending time together?!

While I won’t share all of the fun details from the weekend, I want to give recap with a few of my my favorite parts.

We spent hours by the pool, soaking in the view…


We ate delicious food & drank delicious drinks…


We dressed up & had a night (or two) on the town…


The girls surprised me with the most amazing bridal brunch…


And an afternoon on the best boat ever…


my high school friends


my college friends

 I can’t thank my friends enough for all of the time, effort, money, generosity, love and thought spent on this weekend. I am one VERY lucky girl!