Life Lately, Vol. 22

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that moment when you are now pronounced “husband and wife” 🙂

I’m not gonna lie y’all, this week on the blog was super fun – recapping our wedding took me down a rabbit hole of hundreds of pictures and loving every moment…

Searching for the perfect place to make my wedding album (speaking of pictures!) Any suggestions? I’ve heard stellar reviews about both Artifact Uprising and PikPerfect…I’m looking for a thick coffee table book with great quality photos and a mix of pictures and writing. I know it will be expensive so I’m willing to spend more for the best product. Send over your faves!

Cooking some homemade meals for some of my new mama friends (fun fact: I have 4 gal pals due with babies within this next two week period..4!) I’m thinking some good options that they could eat or freeze & reheat are chicken enchiladas, butternut squash lasagna, chicken tamale pie, or some pumpkin muffins + fresh fruit (new mama’s need breakfast, too!)

Spending one afternoon this weekend carving pumpkins. Do I have kids? No. So I shall act like one myself! We bought  two monster pumpkins, a carving set and are ready to go to town. I’m really liking this goblin, this scary dude or one of these silly guys. Stayed tuned to my Insta story as I’ll be posting updates…fingers crossed!

Excited to share some big news on Monday…partially related to the blog and partially related to my life. Some changes are coming and they’re exciting…any guesses?

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Life Lately, Vol. 21

What’s on your weekend agenda?


Life Lately, Vol. 21

Happy Friday the 13th Y’all!


Killer view from hiking in Franconia Notch this past weekend

Hiking all over New Hampshire & Vermont lately. The official “leaves are changing” Fall season is so brief here that I always try to do my best to take full advantage of it every year. We spent last weekend at a friends house in Lincoln, NH and enjoyed hiking around Loon Mountain & Franconia Notch. Between now and Thanksgiving, we are hoping to hike a few more areas. For those of you in New England, check out this article on 55 great hikes in New Hampshire.

Watching all of the scary movies! I’m not typically a superstitious person but for some reason Friday the 13th gets me – especially in October! Last weekend we watched Halloween and holy crap I almost had nightmares – that kid is SO creepy! Tonight we may go for the more traditional “The Shining” or “Scream” – any recs?

Running more now that it’s cooler out. I completed the Tufts Health Plan for Women 10K on Monday. While the weather wasn’t on our side (75 degrees with almost 100% humidity), there were thousands of runners and we had a great time! Shootout to my friends Amy and Christine for running with me and kicking ass! I didn’t have my best race, but I finished in 57:00 so I’ll take it. Better next time!

Working really, really hard on a new website for SES! I’ve been working piece by piece the past few weeks (trying to save a few bucks and do it myself) and hoping that the new website will be ready to launch by November 1st. I’ve ordered some new business cards to match and I’m excited to have all of my branding updated & aligned with my new logo. I can’t wait to share it with y’all!

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Life Lately, Vol. 20

What’s on your weekend agenda?

Life Lately, Vol. 20

Happy Friday Y’all! This week has been all work, no play. Needless to say, I am ready for the weekend! My dad was in town on Wednesday night so we headed over to Burro Bar and bite – tacos for a quick bite. Anyone been there? Their spicy marg is to die for!


Another photo of these adorable penguins…I mean, aren’t they just the cutest?!

Cooking a lot more than usual and loving it! Since I started the Whole30 three weeks ago (that’s right, in the home stretch!), I have been in major cooking mode. A few successful recipes I had this week included PaleOMGs buffalo chicken meatloaf, Jamielyn’s hearty vegetable soup (this was SO good!) and, of course, my beloved zoodles + meatballs. To be honest, all I’m missing is a sweet treat here and there. I’m really looking forward to my first round of fall baking so as soon as my 30 days are over, I’ll be whipping up a batch of my favorite pumpkin bread and paleo pumpkin muffins.

Reading about what these US theme parks will be doing for Halloween. This list highlights 7 main ones across America and the scary events they have planned. When it comes to Halloween, I love an over-the-stop haunted house, a scary movie, all sorts of decorations etc. Plus, who doesn’t love a good theme park?

Searching for a place to stay in LA in your next visit? I may be heading out to SoCal for work in January and, if so, we’re tacking on a long weekend to explore. Sometimes it’s more fun not to stay in hotels and stay somewhere that makes you feel like a true local. Check out this list from TPG for various style & budget Air BnBs in LA. While I’m not super familiar with LA, #1 seems like a steal,  #5 is pretty awesome and #7 is perfect for beach time! Side note: how incredible is #3? #loftgoals

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Life Lately, Vol. 19

What’s on your weekend agenda?

Life Lately, Vol. 19


Beautiful Colby Farms sunflowers last weekend!

Loving this article on how to be a good dinner guest! It’s not only funny, but most of it’s true. We’re actually headed to a dinner party tomorrow night and since I’ve only met the couple twice, I want to brush up on my etiquette! In fact, I couldn’t agree more with #1, #4, #22 and #40.

Speaking of being a good dinner guest, I’m in search of a great gift to bring with me on Saturday! My go-to’s are always a nice bottle of wine (guaranteed to please) or a potted plant/flower (as I don’t think fresh cut flowers sans vase are a good idea). Some other options I’m considering are these tea towels, this luxury soap/lotion or this delicious set of olive oil & vinegar. Any suggestions?

Buying a few new coffee table books (also a great host gift!). I’ve got a great collection going but it’s fun to pick up a couple of books here & there. Y’all these are great hostess or housewarming gifts! Books can be used to decorate in so many ways and you can never have enough! I’m loving this book on underwater dogs – I mean, how funny are these pictures? Also love this Vogue one about beautiful homes & gardens – so much design inspiration.

Debating if I should buy a luxury handbag new or gently worn. Over the past three months I’ve been cleaning out my closet and being realistic about what I wear vs what I don’t. I’ve sold many items on Poshmark and donated countless bags to Goodwill. Instead of frivolously spending this money on a quantity of items, I’m saving up to invest in one quality piece. I’ve read about TheRealReal, Vestiaire, Luxury Resale Network & SnobSwap but it’s so hard to know what’s authenticated. Also, is it worth it to save a couple hundred dollars on a used item, or do I just buy new? Would love to hear some opinions on this…

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Life Lately, Vol. 18

What’s on your weekend agenda?

Life Lately, Vol. 18

Happy Friday y’all!


minimalist design at its finest


This week was particularly exciting for me as I launched my South End Style Facebook page! It’s something that I’ve been meaning to do for months now but I wanted to make sure I gave it the proper setup. There are a lot of people that I’m connected with on Facebook, but not Instagram so I figured this would help me reach more people. Please go and follow / like / share my page!

My weekend will be spent celebrating a best friend’s birthday, cheering on my Dawgs and attempting to make it up to Colby Farms. I think I may have just missed their “peak” season by a few days but it’s a Boston bucket list item that I’ve yet to check off, so this weekend is the time!

Thinking of all those affected by the recent hurricanes. Between Harvey, Irma & Maria, the Southern US & Caribbean just can’t catch a break. I’ve spent time in Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and of course, Florida and am just heartbroken for those left without power, homes, and more. You can donate via Global Giving, UNICEF, Red Cross or many more – see a list here.

Reading this article about popular design styles per age. It’s so funny how spot on this is. Mid century modern is totally a trend among millennials, while so many baby boomers love the rustic vibe. They’re all beautiful options in my eyes, so you really can’t go wrong! Which category do you fall into?

Lusting over this stunning Hamptons home, owned by interior designer Tamara Magel. The home’s decor style is minimalist (see photo above) and she shares ways to keep your space simple, yet interesting. I love her tips for decorating with nature, with texture and with color. People often forget that color can still be minimal. Be sure to take a look at her home tour to get some ideas of your own.


Life Lately, Vol. 17

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12 Hours in Zurich

Enjoy your weekend!

Life Lately, Vol. 17


Enjoying a 12 hour layover in beautiful Zurich, August 2017

How is it already Friday? I guess that’s the beauty of coming home from a trip on a Tuesday night – short work week for the win! This weekend will surely be full of catching up – on cleaning, laundry, work, the blog, sleep, RHOC (duh), etc. A productive and relaxing weekend it shall be!

Reading: Sam’s post on 10 Tips for a Great 10K Race. With the THP10K less than a month away, I’m in crunch mode. While I worked out on our trip, I was limited to hotel gyms (kinda frowned upon to go running on a safari lol) so I’ll be focusing this next month on preparing my body best I can for the race. Speaking of the race, today is the last day to get 10% off your entry fee. You can sign up HERE to get my discount. I’ve got two girlfriends from the gym who signed up to join me, but I would love to have some new faces as well! Any takers?

Editing: alllllll of the pictures. I’ve got over a thousand Africa pics to go through so that I can start compiling some blog posts and share them with y’all. I’ve got quite a few topics in mind but I’m curious – anything in particular you want to know about?

Cooking: all things Whole 30! Let’s just say we thoroughly enjoyed the food and drink on our trip. I think I had about ten too many desserts. That sugar addiction is real, yall!  In order to get back in the swing of things and to get readjusted to a healthy lifestyle, we are starting Whole 30 on Sunday. Yup, no dairy, legumes, grains, sugar or alcohol. I’m really excited about it as I want all of the inflammatory foods & toxins gone from my body and I want to feel fresh & revived again. I’ll be sure to report back throughout the 30 day process!

Selling: A lot of fall items on Poshmark! Shop my closet HERE. I’ve got some fall skirts, coats, shoes & purses up. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw on my story that I decided like a crazy person to clean out my entire closet upon my return from a 14 day trip. Well, fast forward 24 hours and it’s cleaned out, with a ton of items to be sold/donated. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m trying to focus on quality vs quantity when it comes to my wardrobe these days. So I’m hoping to sell a lot of clothing that I no longer enjoy in order to make room for a couple of key fall pieces (desperately need new boots & booties!).


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Have a great weekend 🙂

Life Lately, Vol. 16

Happy Friday y’all!


How cute is this photo my friend Brittany captured from my wedding day? Believe it or not, this is the garter that my big sister in my sorority (shout out to Kappa Delta!) gave me on my initiation night. Though I didn’t wear it, I had to include it. So special!

Reading: Speaking of college, I came across this article highlighting the greatest games of all time for us UGA fans. I’m lucky enough to have attended 5 of these games in my lifetime!

Lusting: Over Andy Cohen’s Manhattan apartment! It’s no surprise this reality TV God creator of the Real Housewives franchises has great taste. This place is chic, funky & fabulous! See the tour here.

Decorating: A good gal pal of mine recently moved into a smaller apartment (in a high rise with killer amenities!) and I’ve been helping her decorate the space. Proportion & size are key when trying to make a small space feel larger. There are some good tips here and here to get you started.


Iceland: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

Life Lately Vol. 15


Killer tile + marble + tub in Andy’s master bath!

Enjoy your weekend!