Life Lately, Vol. 32

Happy Friday Y’all! This week was a super short one, given that I was off on Monday (still mourning the loss of the Dawgs, but damn they have SO much to be proud of – what a season!) and I was traveling up to Vermont Wednesday & Thursday. This weekend we’re actually quite busy – we’ve got dinner with friends at Tuscan Kitchen in Seaport tonight (checking off #2 AND #5 from my Boston Winter Wishlist), a friend’s surprise birthday party on Saturday and a lot of little things to do around the house. A productive weekend it will be!


the living room, coming together (still waiting on our console to arrive!)

Traveling vicariously through my parents, who are headed this weekend to Australia + New Zealand. They’re doing a two week cruise around New Zealand (hello hobbits + Sav Blanc!) and then two weeks in Sydney, Melbourne & the coast. Cue the envy! This trip is definitely on my bucket list, though it’s not on my 2018 travel goals. Maybe 2019! Who has tips & suggestions for them?

Speaking of traveling, I keep reading that Iceland air has so many new direct routes to Reykjavik, including from San Francisco, Baltimore, Kansas City and Tampa Bay. If y’all haven’t read my Iceland posts, be sure to check them out: Southern Iceland, Reykjavik, Golden Circle, The Blue Lagoon, What to Pack & 10 Tips. It’s such a beautiful, unique country – I highly recommend that you snag one of these direct flights and spend a long weekend in the land of fire & ice!

Searching for some new skincare products. I was listening to The Skinny Confidential this week and heard Dr. Dennis Gross talking about his Peel Pads and product line. I am by nature very skeptical about skincare products; however, his story is interesting. With years of training in skin cancer research & molecular biology (now dermatology), he has such an understanding of the science behind skincare. I may try these peels – has anyone tried his line before? Would y’all be interested in more posts on skin care?

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Life Lately, Vol. 31

Enjoy your weekend! 🙂


Life Lately, Vol. 31

Happy Friday y’all! Somehow we survived blizzard #1 of the season. Lucky for me I work from home, but I was able to get out to the gym and grocery store for necessities (you know…chips, ranch, wine…). I was getting major cabin fever so getting out of the house felt good, even if it meant being pelted in the face by 40mph snow winds.


blizzard #1 in Boston – January 2018

Researching a possible European vacation in May 2018. We typically always go somewhere for Terry’s birthday around Memorial Day (Puerto Rico, Iceland, Paris, Amsterdam) and my best gal pal cousin has a birthday the same time also so I’m hoping to do a week with her and then 4-5 days after with him. We’re looking at possible 2-3 city options, such as London-Paris-Amsterdam, Dublin-London-Copenhagen, Lisbon-Porto-Barcelona…anyone have suggestions for 1 week in Europe and 3 close cities?!

Cooking all of the soup, stew, chili and crockpot recipes possible. As I mentioned, the temps are frigid here so really having a hearty, hot meal is the best way to keep the body warm! Last night I made some vegetarian chili and on next week’s menu I’m trying Lexi’s lasagna soup, Angela’s spiced lentil soup & Lisa’s turkey bolognese.

Shopping for the perfect ottoman for our bedroom, which if you’ve been following along my Instagram story, you’ve probably seen many times. I picked up a charcoal rectangle one (from HG, but similar) but now I’m second guessing it. Something if “off” but I can’t figure out what. Then I saw a round light grey one which I think may work better. Only downside is that it doesn’t have storage, which we need. Hmmm, decisions decisions.

Which ottoman do you prefer?

What’s on your weekend agenda?

Life Lately, Vol. 30

Happy Christmas Eve – eve (Eve?)…haha, either way it’s just around the corner! Mom & I baked a few batches of holiday cookies last night and I wrapped the majority of presents. Usually I’m wrapping them the night before, so it feels good to be done! Hopefully this weekend will consist of some relaxing, a little more baking & catching up with family and friends.


The stunning Christmas tree at the Four Seasons Santa Barbara

Running more and it feels good! I went running outside (thanks to that 60 degree GA December weather) for the first time in weeks and it felt amazing. It’s hard to believe that just two months ago, I was running the THP10K and felt good with 6 miles. Yesterday, my legs felt heavy after two…it’s crazy how out of “running shape” your body gets so quickly. I’m heading to Barre 3 today for some strength and regeneration!

Cooking all of the crockpot recipes lately! Last night for dinner, I made my family Santa Fe Chicken via Skinnytaste and it was delicious. We all agreed that it’s one that needs to be put on repeat. As winter worsens in Boston, I’m sure that I’ll be using the slow cooker more frequently. Up next I want to try Spanish style chickpeas, chicken and dumplings, and turkey meatball stroganoff.

Binge watching “The Crown” right now…hard! I put out some feelers on my Instagram story last week and over 75% of you said that you recommend it. Though it took a few episodes for me to get there, I am certainly into it now. There is so much fascination around the British Royal Family that I just love anything about them. Especially now with Prince Harry being engaged (have y’all seen these engagement pictures? Stunning!)

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Life Lately, Vol. 29

Happy Friday Y’all! It’s crazy to think that this time next week we will be scrambling for our last minute Christmas gifts (shop my travel + interior guides) as the big holiday is one week from Monday. I’m definitely looking forward to escaping down South and getting out of this horrid frozen tundra that is Boston! It’s been in the 20s all week and let me tell you, that is miserable.


snow, snow & more snow!

Looking forward mostly to seeing family and friends that I haven’t seen in some time. I’m ready to gossip catch up with my childhood girl friends at our annual cookie swap, where I’ll likely be bringing a kale + quinoa salad, some cookies & some wine.

Baking…or should I say, finally baking! I know, I know- I’ve legit mentioned this like five times but I finally narrowed down my recipes and tomorrow morning I’ll be baking Nutella chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate crinkle cookies & peppermint white chocolate cookies (sans icing). I’ve got a few different groups to divide them among in Boston and then the winner will be repeated in Atlanta for the cookie swap! Unless I decide to try a new recipe. Hmm, decisions, decisions…Mom, ready to bake?!

Working on getting back into shape. The past two months have been a total whirlwind – between two trips to Atlanta, three work trips, Thanksgiving travel, moving (nightmare!), quitting crossfit (for many reasons), my husband starting a new job & having the plague a bad cold for two weeks, working out has taken a major backseat. For those of you who know me, this is so not the norm. I am a workout every single day kind of gal. Top it off with some unhealthy eating habits coming back (I’m looking at your, pint of jingle jangle ice cream!) and I am feeling b-l-a-h. I found this blog post & this article to be helpful. This week was great, mostly paleo, meal planning and I’ll continue it into next week. No reason why I can’t kick it back into high gear at the holidays! Stay tuned for some more fitness/healthy eating planning in 2018.

What’s on your weekend agenda?!

Life Lately, Vol. 28

Happy Friday y’all! Thanks for all of the birthday calls, texts, videos, messages, FaceTimes, etc. Birthdays in the “real world” aren’t as fun because we still have to go to work but I made the best of it by treating myself to a yummy lunch & cutting out of work early (to move the final pieces…haha, told you – real world!). But I cannot complain because today we are headed to the Big Apple!


best birthday gift ever is this little family of mine

Reading a new book by my new favorite author, Karin Slaughter. Shout out to my friends Lauren & Jessie who both recommended her because she is dark, creepy and awesome! I read “Pretty Girls” in about 2 days and now I’m started “The Kept Woman“. I love the murder mystery/crime as well as the fact that her books take place in Georgia. If you’re in the need for a good read, pick this up. You won’t be disappointed!

Working on my fitness! (in the words of Fergie, ha!). In all seriousness, I’ve been off of the “workout” train for over a month now, which feels like an eternity to me. Various reasons contributed to this – cancelling my gym membership, traveling a lot, moving, general laziness, etc. You know when you get to the point where you feel heavy and soft and overall “blah”? Yea, I’m there. I’m starting a new gym 1.1.18 and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things. My friend Amy and I will be in mega health mode (me b/c I feel gross and her b/c she’s training for the Boston Marathon) so it will help to have a partner in crime to whip me back into shape.

Shopping for a few Christmas gifts! Due to a very, very expensive 2017 (wedding + honeymoon + moving = a sh*t ton of money spent) our families have agreed to keep our holidays low key on the gift front. After all, isn’t the season really about spending time together, catching up & watching The Griswolds?! I am, however, giving everyone a little something so I’ve been searching for the perfect gifts under $100. So far I’ve already checked mom, dad, Terry, MIL & grandma off of the list. Now I just need brother and SIL – any ideas for cute couples gifts for married siblings?

Freaking out because tomorrow is the day! We are going to see HAMILTON and I am sooo pumped I can’t even handle it. I’ve been planning my outfit for weeks now and we’ve got two dinner pre-theater reservations (1 Italian, 1 Thai…will choose on Sat) – to say we are excited is a huge understatement. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@southendstyle) where I’ll be posting a lot on my story!

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Life Lately, Vol. 27

Enjoy your weekend 🙂


Life Lately, Vol. 27

Happy Friday Y’all!

We had some family pictures taken last weekend by a lovely local photographer. She was so fun & friendly and I can’t wait to shoot with her again. We really don’t have any good pictures of us (except the wedding day) so it was nice to have a more normal, casual setting. I’ve recently discovered that I’m loving having professional pics taken so hopefully I’ll be able to drag Terry along once a year or so for them! I haven’t received them all back yet but this is a sneak peak…


Baking, or preparing to bake, some goodies for holiday gifts! We’ve got a lot of local friends, neighbors and clients who will be receiving some goodies. My friend Eliza is the best baker ever so she will be showing me her ways this year. A few recipes I’ve got my eye on are holiday candy bark, no bake oreo truffles, M&M cookie bars and puff pastry cheese straws (nice to have a savory option to balance out all of the sweet).

Wishing for a few things for my birthday next week (Dec 7th – Pearl Harbor Day!). I picked up this bag as an early birthday gift and I’m eyeing this one as well for everyday wear/work. Other than that, I just want a smooth move and to enjoy my December. Big changes (hopefully) coming in early 2018 so will share more on that once it’s all finalized!

Speaking of my birthday…we’re going to NYC (a birthday tradition) and will be seeing HAMILTON which is truly a birthday dream come true! I think I screamed out loud (in public) when Terry told me about the gift. I’ve been dying to go and just can’t believe he pulled it off.  Aside from that, we’ll just enjoy the holiday lights, store windows & bagels, of course! I love NYC in winter. Any suggestions on a pre-theatre restaurant?!


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Life Lately, Vol. 26


Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Life Lately, Vol. 26

Happy Friday Y’all! I can’t believe that we are less than a week away from Thanksgiving! To me, this weekend really kicks off the 2017 holiday season. From here until the end of the year is pretty much total holiday chaos (in the best way, of course) so I’m prepping myself. I’ve got a couple of big gift guides on the calendar as well as some more Africa travel guides (so much to share!). I hope you’ll stay tuned…


walking off to forever with this guy…4 months down!

Experimenting with some new-to-me workout classes. This past week I tried Barre3 a few times. They recently opened a studio here in Brookline sand I snagged a killer opening special. The verdict? Love it! It’s amazing much impact some 3lb. weights can make after an hour. The classes I’ve taken have been pretty intense and full of high energy. There’s another studio location near our new home so I’m hoping to try that one as well in the near future.

Cooking ALL things Thanksgiving! In fact, I want to share a few of my favorite tried-and-true turkey day recipes. If you want an appetizer, I love this baked brie (serve with sliced apples for some good flavor contrast). For a side vegetable, I’m a sucker for the classic green bean casserole. I know it’s not good for you, but damn it’s delicious. Another favorite side dish of mine is a sweet potato casserole. I’ve actually got my Aunt Lynne’s grandmother’s recipe and let me tell you, there’s nothing like a Southern family recipe!

Shopping for a few key winter essentials (it’s getting cold here in Boston!). While I don’t need much, I picked up some L.L. Bean Boots, a new cashmere vest (great for travel!) and a warm beanie! Still on the hunt for a few more pairs of warm socks & gloves.

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Enjoy your weekend!