Life Lately, Vol. 7


After being not only delayed twice, but cancelled, and then re-delayed on my way back from FLL (you can read about my trip here), I finally arrived home 48 hours later. While I certainly don’t enjoy dealing with airline delays (Spirit customer service, you can expect to hear from me later today!), I was able to spend a quick 36 hours in Atlanta seeing my family which was a wonderful surprise! I must admit, I was feeling a little homesick and needed that visit.


3rd visitor in 2 weeks arrives on Sunday so keeping this guest room clean is key…

Travel: Speaking of, there has a been a lot of travel new lately, including a new 72-hour SPG cancellation policy update (I’m a loyal member with status so this makes me cringe) and some possible restrictions when visiting Cuba, a country I’m hoping to make it to soon. Looks like I better plan this trip for sooner rather than later.

Honeymoon: In other travel news, we are booking away! I mentioned before that we booked our safari via Sabi Sands and now we’ve booked our hotels in both Johannesburg & Cape Town. Next up: inter-Africa flights (to/from the safari lodge and from JNB-CPT), our hotel in wine country and…wait for it…shark diving!! AHHH this is really happening.

Shopping: I’m on a major spending freeze (weddings & honeymoons are no joke y’all…$$$); however, I am in search of a couple cute one-piece bathing suits. We all know they’re making a huge comeback. Gone are the days of old, frumpy one pieces. The ones these days are stylish, sexy & so cute! I’ve got my eye on this black one & this off the shoulder. How cute for bike riding around a beach town? Throw on some jean shorts & you’re ready! Perhaps I’ll get both…

Reading: Not like I have any time for reading right now; however, laying on the beach with a good paperback (and a glass of rose) may or may not be my Sunday activity of choice. I’ve currently got The Royal We and Forks, Knives and Spoons in my cart. Both came highly recommended as fun & easy summer reads. Anyone read them?

Interiors: Crushing hard on this Studio McGee Park City renovation. Whoever owns this home is one lucky duck! This rustic meets mountain dream home is To. Die. For. Let’s be honest, anything Syd & Shea touch turns to gold. Check it out!

Wedding: The 6-week countdown begins. My fiancee & I are getting SUPER excited to host all of our loved ones for the weekend. Given that my to do list is a mile long (about 6 printed pages to be exact), I am spending every waking second this weekend getting stuff done. I need a whole new word for “overwhelmed”. Who wants to help me? Any takers?

On that note, I’m off to Michaels, The Dollar Store, Anthropologie, Staples & Target to knock stuff of this list. Wish me luck!

What’s on your weekend agenda?!

My Bachelorette Party

Happy  Monday y’all! I’m still on a huge high from pretty much the best weekend ever. All of my best friends & I hopped down to South Florida for a long weekend full of beautiful ocean views, delicious food & drink and endless laughs. I’m so grateful that 10 of my best gal pals were able to join in celebrating my “last sail before the veil” (as our boat Captain Michael said). To say I’m sad the weekend is over is a huge understatement! Isn’t it the best feeling when you bring a group of friends together & everyone not only gets along, but genuinely enjoys spending time together?!

While I won’t share all of the fun details from the weekend, I want to give recap with a few of my my favorite parts.

We spent hours by the pool, soaking in the view…


We ate delicious food & drank delicious drinks…


We dressed up & had a night (or two) on the town…


The girls surprised me with the most amazing bridal brunch…


And an afternoon on the best boat ever…


my high school friends


my college friends

 I can’t thank my friends enough for all of the time, effort, money, generosity, love and thought spent on this weekend. I am one VERY lucky girl!


Life Lately Vol. 4

Happy Friday! This week in one word? BUSY. We arrived back in town late Monday after an incredible weekend of being spoiled rotten with not one, but two wedding showers! We basically got to see all of our favorite people, celebrate mothers day & my dads birthday and leave with a fully stocked kitchen. Now if only we actually had a kitchen to put all of our goodies in!

Currently looking at: all of this on my desk…


I’m so honored to be helping a friend design a nursery for her sweet baby boy, due in Oct! We’ve got 20+ swatches and are getting a custom glider and daybed made, as well as some roman shades and throw pillows. This room is going to be seriously adorable. I’ll be sure to share the finished product once we’re there!

Currently eating: all of the fresh fruits & veggies! I’m gung-ho “must lose 5lbs before the wedding” mode and this is truly the perfect time to do it. Temps in Boston rose from 50 to 91 overnight so we’ve had fresh fruit galore lately! I bought my first round of sweet cherries earlier at TJs and I can’t wait to dig in. They  may be my favorite fruit snack.



Currently cooking: Speaking of the health kick above, we’re heading to a friends house to cook out and we’re bringing a summer salad. This field pea saladfield pea salad & minty watermelon salad both look delicious!

Currently shopping for: Still on the perfect dress hunt. Surprisingly, Banana Republic is killing it now – I’m seeing a ton of cute stuff online so I need to pop in this weekend and try some cute dresses on!



Currently watching: Below Deck Mediterranean! OMG y’all….this yacht!!! Admittedly, I watch it 80% for the scenery, 20% for the drama but it’s totally worth it. I basically spend the whole hour drooling over these unbelievable locations and then want to cry after because I’ll never be able to afford a week on a yacht (I heard this one ranges upwards of $175,000/week)

On that note…HAPPY FRIDAY 🙂

7 tips for staying well & well-rested while traveling



Enjoying the views after a hike up Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona

One of the challenges while traveling is trying to fit everything in. Between visiting tourist attractions, dining out at recommended restaurants, strolling through neighborhoods, taking endless pictures & soaking it all in, how do we even find time to sleep?! Staying well rested (and well!) while traveling is no easy task.
As a very on-the-go traveler (see my itinerary examples here), I always try to focus on getting rest & staying healthy. Let’s face it- if you’re sick on vacation, nobody is having a good time. Just ask my travel buddies from the Costa Rica Food Poisoning Incident of 2015. (AKA the trip from hell)

Gorgeous canal view while sipping on my morning coffee

1. Get Moving
Whether you’re taking a pre-breakfast walk around town, hitting a local workout class (always fun way to meet people/get good recs) or taking a bike tour, don’t stop moving! Likely, you’ll be walking during your vacation but make sure to squeeze in some exercise.
Tip: plan your workouts for first thing in the morning. Get it done & enjoy your day!
2. Early to bed, Early to rise
I wish I were better at this…but I do try! Is there any feeling worse than oversleeping on a (non-beach) vacation and waking up to feel like half the day is already gone? I like to try to be in bed before midnight on vacation (sometimes even earlier) so that I can still “sleep” in until 8 and feel well rested.
3. Eat meals sitting down
We all know that multitasking while eating is bad news bears (how many times have you heard “no eating while watching tv”)…on the flip side, we don’t always have the time for a sit down meal while traveling. So if you tend to are trying to save time/money, grab your meal to go and sit down outside. Enjoy your  morning coffee & croissant on the bank of the Seine…eat your caprese sandwich in a cute Italian park…pack a picnic basket and eat cheese, crackers & grapes while in central park. Whatever you do, make it leisurely.
4. Always travel with a water bottle 
Not only will you be able to stay fully hydrated (good for your skin, hair, mind & body), but you’ll also ward off overeating, causing you to feel tired post-meals. Triple bonus: you’ll save a ton of money not buying water bottles!
5. Stick to your nutrient routine
This may not apply to all of you but for those that regularly take vitamins or supplements at home, there’s no need to stray from that. I always pack a probiotic & digestive enzyme for the days I know I’ll be gone
Tip: If you’re headed somewhere you know you won’t “eat healthy”, pack some protein powder in a shaker. Mix with water & drink your protein every morning!
6. Don’t forget your fruit & veggies!
Often times I find that fresh produce is hard to come by while traveling (especially in Europe). If you’ve got a grocery nearby, stock up on some raw veggies. If not, try to pick up a piece fruit to eat as a daily snack.
Tip: less sugar = less fatigue.
7. Take a Nap
This corresponds with #2 – you woke up early & had a busy morning. Now reward yourself with a mid-day siesta. Those Spaniards are onto something!

Soaking in the Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

What’s your favorite tip to staying well & well rested while traveling?!

Life Lately Vol. 3

Happy Friday! We are headed to Philly today & New Jersey for the rest of the weekend. The forecast is 85 & sunny so we’ll be setting up camp on the beach for a couple of days! We’ll be taking our frenchie with us (on Spirit!) so hoping for an easy flight…


{Mela loves flying}

Speaking of the beach, I’ve been looking to invest in some new swimsuits this year since Victoria’s Secret discontinued their swim line! (Wah). I like the Vix ones at Nordstrom but they’re super pricey. Any suggestions for affordable, cute bathing suits?!

Eating: Mason jar salads! Now, obviously this is not a new concept but as someone who brings my lunch to work everyday, I want something healthy, easy & delicious! I’ve been on the Greek salad kick for legit like 4 months now. I keep thinking I’ll tire of it but I enjoy it every single day. I layer (from bottom up) olive oil/red wine vinegar mix, red onions, chick peas, feta cheese, cucumbers, red peppers, green peppers & lettuce. I make 5 on Sunday and boom- lunch done! Anyone have any non-Greek style mason jar salads/meals they recommend?

Reading: A lot of upsetting airline stories lately! First there was Bumpgate, then the stroller incident, then the deplorable responses from airlines (looking at you, United)…ugh, it’s such a shame because travel should be FUN! Whether you fly often or once in a blue moon, it’s super important to make yourself aware of your behavior. I find that it’s best to be prepared to alleviate stress (from yourself, other passengers, officials, etc). What does that mean? Have your ID & boarding pass out, get your sh*t together when going through security (or get global entry like me so you don’t have to!), and be cognizant of the boarding process. There’s nothing more annoying than kids running around while boarding begins, or passengers rushing the gate when they’ve got zone 5 boarding, or some jerk so deep into their phone that they’re holding up the line!

Be polite, be passionate & be present.

Wearing: I currently can’t get enough of the bare shoulder tops. It’s really mixed weather here in Boston so these are perfect for the in between weather. This white one, this floral one & this blue striped one are some current favorites!

What’s on your agenda for this weekend?!

Life Lately Vol. 2

This week was a total sh*tshow…I got into a car accident on Tuesday (luckily nobody was hurt, but my car on the other hand…) which totally threw my week off – work wise, workout wise, productivity wise, etc. That being said, I am more than ready for the weekend! Here’s what’s happening:


Wedding: We’re in the task phase – making timelines, deciding on stationary wording, finalizing menus, getting outfits together, etc. I must say, the day-of timeline is very tricky. Anyone have tips?!

Home: We had the best time hosting some friends for Easter and now we’re itching to do it again! If only we had more space….I’ve frantically been searching Zillow & Craigslist for a larger, more spacious apartment (preferably in the South End). Any Boston peeps know someone looking to lease their place?

Listening to: Okay, so I mentioned S-town last week. Well, in 7 days I’ve gone through the ENTIRE season! Omg yall this podcast is sooooo good!! It took a turn in ep. 3 that I did not see coming and it just got better & better. Since I’m done (for now), I need new podcast recs – any favorites?

Friends: My friend Amy just got back from Paris (also did the bike tour we did last year, loved it!) and so we randomly decided to try and learn French together! We’ve signed up for “French 1” classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education which is an amazing place in the South End – they have classes on art, language, wine, photography, technology, etc. You name it, they’ve got it. We begin next week & are so excited!

Mela: This little piggy is going on Spring break, starting next weekend! We are so lucky to have family somewhat nearby, who will watch her whenever we need. She’ll be heading there next Friday and staying for at least a month! I gotta say, it is nice to have a pet-friendly home for a few weeks (think less vacuuming!) but we sure are going to miss that cuddle bug!


What’s happening in your life lately?!

Life Lately: Vol. 1

So I decided to start this weekly Friday “life recap” for a few reasons. First, I love reading other people’s recaps, as it gives you a glimpse into their life, shopping links, activities, etc. while not getting too detailed or overstepping boundaries. Second, it’s a great way to stay afloat when trying to maintain balance. I often struggle trying to balance my very demanding day job (that includes a 2-3 hour commute daily), this blog (which is WAY more work than it looks- props to bloggers out there), planning a wedding (aka full time job #2), doing my interior design projects on the side (currently only 2), working out daily & trying to maintain friendships and keep in touch with family (hi mom!), all while living across country from 99% of my people. Whew! Busy. Is. Right.

cake topper.jpeg

Wedding: I’ve been trying to knock out a lot of the small details now (music details, cake topper, welcome bag items, parent/bridesmaid gifts, etc) since I know a million new things will come up as we approach the big day. Any tips for staying organized?

Clothes: Speaking of wedding, I’m ferociously searching the internet daily for cute, white dresses! I need approximately 2 shower dresses, 1 bachelorette one, and 3 for wedding events. Help! I’ve locked down 2 but still need the *perfect* one for our casual, yet festive BBQ rehearsal dinner. Am I crazy to wear white and eat BBQ?!

Listening to: S Town. My mom turned me onto it and I can’t wait to start listening. Podcasts keep me sane during my long commute and considering I was obsessed Serial & Undisclosed, I think I’ll like this one too. Anyone heard it?

Cooking: All of the Easter food! You saw my post yesterday on the Easter table so today I’m heading to Homegoods (need a few cute decor pieces) and to Whole Foods, as I’ll be making chilled asparagus, spring salad & key lime pie.

Design: I have a friend who recently spilled the beans that she’s got a little bun in the oven so naturally, we’ve already been talking nursery design! In fact, I think she’s already ordered this chandelier – it will go well in any little girl’s nursery/room. (Bonus it’s 20% off today!)

Lastly, good luck to all of you running the Boston Marathon on Monday! I’ll be out watching with some friends and cheering you on. What an accomplishment!