White Painted Fireplace: Before & After

Fireplaces can be one of the most beautiful, anchoring pieces in any room. They’re grand, warm, inviting & often the centerpiece of the room. While there are many styles of fireplaces, we often find that when doing a home renovation, the fireplace has to be updated as well. An inexpensive, but impactful option for updating a fireplace is to paint it white. Now this certainly isn’t the best option for every space but if you’re trying to update your traditional home to a more modern, bright feel – this may be just what you need. For instance, take my most recent home renovation project with a family in Georgia. See this beautiful white washed fireplaced with shiplap all the way up to the ceiling:


cabinets still need doors (going on this week) & shelves need to be styled

Well, this was the before:


That tv is blocking a half-built shelf. And that undersized mantle? This room was screaming for a makeover!

What a transformation, right?! When my clients wanted to make their large, vaulted ceiling living room feel more modern & bright, while keeping it family friendly, I knew exactly what to do. For starters, we painted the entire home interior (yup, every last bit) SW Repose Gray (the perfect greige!), added crown molding where needed, evened out those massive bookshelves shelves, also painted them white, and then revamped the 1990s looking fireplace. We first added shiplap the entire way up (and wrapped it around the sides), we added an 8′ reclaimed wood mantle & lastly, we had the fireplace white washed. The clients are so, so SO pleased with the finished product. And we had the entire project done in under 1 week!


 Progress pics of the shiplap – don’t you love the dark bookshelf backdrop we did?

Here are some more examples of beautiful white brick fireplaces – there’s a mix of white wash and full white paint.


{ 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5}

What do you think of white painted fireplaces? Are you impressed with this before & after?


Kitchen Style: White cabinets + Navy Island

So I was watching Bravo last week (obviously) and the Cyrus vs Cyrus show came on. While I wasn’t too crazy about the style I saw, I ended up watching the entire episode and having one good take away. Other than these amazing beams that were installed into this vaulted ceiling (seriously stunning!), I really loved the kitchen cabinet style they did – white cabinets (both upper & lower) with a navy island. Because the kitchen is so large, the gray really warmed up the space and kept it from feeling too sterile. They ended up changing the color last minute to gray but I actually prefer the navy…


the original proposal – they ended up with all white cabinets & gray island


finished product

{pics via Bravo}

I found some real-life spaces with a similar cabinet color style. Again, the white cabinetry mixed with dark island color provides contrast, warmth & brings some character to the space. Just make sure the counters are the same (or complimentary) and keep all finishes/hardware identical. The key is having a smooth flow in the space.






Wow, aren’t they all so stunning? I lean towards polished chrome finishes versus gold (think it looks more classic/less trendy) so the first picture is my favorite one.

Which is your favorite?

Abstract Art via ETSY

Etsy is a wonderful, yet overwhelming, place to purchase home goods – especially textiles, unique decorative pieces, and art. It’s hard to know what’s good quality when it comes to e-commerce sites, but luckily art is one of those things that is completely subjective and comes with a “if you like it, but it” mentality.

Now, I’ll start by saying that I am lucky – I have a very talented cousin who is an artist and who I am trying to convince to open her own Etsy (or Minted) shop so that art lovers an enjoy her pieces like I do:


{how amazing, right?! This was a special engagement present}

So while I work on getting her set up, I’ll share a few similar favorites that I’ve found.



What are your favorite Etsy art shops?!

Painted Staircases

Happy Monday y’all! Well, it would be way happier if our Bulldogs won against Tennessee this past weekend (insert heartbreak emoji)…ugh, the worst.

In better news, today is my mama’s birthday. How fabulous is she?!


We were actually discussing a home project this weekend and turns out, we’re stumped! I’d love some feedback and input from y’all…so my parents house has hardwoods throughout, including the main staircase. As part of the renovation/updates, they’re painting the front risers of the stairs & the spindles on the staircase white. However; we’re leaving the railing itself wood (to provide contrast and some aesthetic appeal).

The million dollar question is…do we leave the banisters wood, or paint them white?

Below are a few inspiration photos of each:


So, feedback PLEASE: do we leave the banisters wood, or paint them white?

{Dark: 1/2/3 … White: 1/2/3}

Powder Room Makeover

When I was back in Atlanta a few weeks ago, my mom & I were discussing what upcoming fall projects she wants to do around the house. One room that is driving her nuts is her main hall powder room. It’s the go-to powder room that all guests use, so it’s definitely seen on a regular basis. The room is currently painted red with a {somewhat new} ivory tile floor, a granite vanity top & gold hardware. It was a room that she experimented with in the early 2000’s and she is O-V-E-R it. It’s dated and begging for an update. While a full renovation isn’t in the books, there’s no reason we can’t change a few key pieces and totally modernize this space!

One thing we both agreed on is that the bathroom is a great place to take design risks. It’s small, with minimal lighting, but we want to go bold. Why not? Enter Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy. I just LOVE this color. It’s like a lightened midnight blue with a grey undertone. I’ve pulled some examples of this color in various bathrooms so you can see it in all light:



How fabulous is this shade of navy?! I cannot wait to see it in the room. It has the perfect amount of “pop” against the white molding & gold toned hardware…

So without further adieu, here is the design plan I’ve created for her. I opted for an infinity mirror to avoid too much hardware. I think with the light fixture, current gold faucet & hardware, it’s enough gold. Also, I really want to enlarge a few of my parents’ own photographs into these frames. They’ve traveled the world & have some seriously gorgeous nature photos. (Side note: I’ve decided to omit a decorative rug, as a 2×3 is all that can fit and I worry that it makes the space look too busy.)

hale navy bathroom.jpg

{paint color // mirror // towels // lighting // hardware // frames // soap }

Bonus: This entire update is under $500 ~ is that amazing or what?!?!

Well, what do you think?! Feedback welcome 🙂

Bedroom Accent Wall

Thanks for the response on my Isla Grande post. If you’re thinking of heading to Panama, or want more info just email me and we can chat 🙂

So I’m working on an exciting new project that I want to share a piece from. I’ve got a client who is currently located on the East Coast, but is moving to Palo Alto in two weeks to start his job as an exec with a pretty awesome company (yup, it’s the one you’re thinking of!). He is going to be renting in a high end condo complex for about 12 months until he decides if/where he wants to buy. The key here is that while we are decorating a rental property, he wants nice furniture that can be moved into his future home.

* We’ve purchased about 75% of the furniture so I’ll have a future post sharing the plan*

For now….we’re debating on a bedroom accent wall. The complex will have any of the walls professionally painted for you (sweet bonus!), but because we haven’t seen the place in person, we are basing a lot off of pictures, floor plan, word of mouth, etc.

He’s really a huge lover of color. The main area is quite neutral, but we’re working with this blue wall color in the bedroom:

{BM Danube Blue & BM Gentlemen’s Gray}

We’re debating between painting the whole room vs accenting one wall. I’m about 99% sure which way I lean, but I thought I’d share some inspiration photos and get your opinion!  FYI: We’ve already ordered a low profile bed and dresser.

Let’s take a look…








Which do you vote…paint all walls or accent wall?!

Etsy Shop: Color WaterColor

Back in late July, I was searching for some artwork for my home (remember this post!?) Well, after much consideration (price / size / style)… I found this fabulous Etsy shop & fell in love with these two prints:


 These are hand painted water colors and they are stunning in person. Joanna’s shop is located in Poland, but the paintings came quicker than I expected & packaged safely! She was a delight to work with and I highly recommend her shop if you’re in the market for some new artwork.

I mounted & framed them using this gold frame and wah-la! Beautiful artwork for above the nightstands:

unnamed (3)

PicMonkey Collage

Aren’t they just perfect?! I love the sophistication + the femininity + the softness + the pop of color!

Do you love them as much as I do?!

You can find Joanna’s website here.