An “Adult” Living Space Under $4,000

When I moved in with my fiancee husband (<– still SO weird to say!), we went through the typical “combining of pieces”. This meant his frat-house looking dark green sofa would be adjacent to my cute, tufted cream colored sofa. The dart board got the boot, but the surfing picture stayed. Compromises were made, but now that we’ve been in the space for well over 12 months, I am o-v-e-r it. As in, every time I walk into the living room & see that damn green sofa I get a serious case of the skeevies. Old stained sofa be gone!

So, we are currently plotting how to redecorate our space while (a) keeping it gender neutral (b) purchasing spaces that we can repurpose in the future and (c) stay within budget. Here’s what I’m thinking:


Put together by these pieces…


Of course, we’ll keep a few art pieces we have (especially this one and these frames with our black & white Paris pictures) as well as my favorite candle, ginger jar & pillow. Add in a few good coffee table books (this, this & this) and we’re done!

{rug | sofa | chairs | lamp | coffee table | mirror | vases}

What are your tips for redecorating a space while staying within budget & gender neutral?! Any amazing pieces out there right now for the living room?!


Hamilton Leather Sofa

Recently, I was talking to one of my girlfriends who just moved in with her boyfriend. They’re in the typical “combining of things” phase, where his old papasaon chair has to go (yup, I dealt with this in real life! ha!) and her overly girly decor has to go. It’s time to be a bit more gender neutral. But what do you do when he insists on upgrading his leather sofa to….another leather sofa! (insert eye roll). Well, worry no more. The days of hideous black, bachelor pad sofas are gone…


This Hamilton leather sofa from West Elm is modern, neutral, classic & chic. It’s a great compromise and it’s really quite beautiful (bonus, it’s under $1500!) Here are some great spaces I found where this sofa was the anchor of the room:






What are your thoughts on this sofa? Anyone else really want one now? (I do! I do!)

Non-traditional fall decor

If this living room doesn’t scream fall, I don’t know what does…



I love how it’s not your typical fall decor….no pumpkins, no plaid, no twigs. Still, the heavier fabrics on the rug & sofa (helloooo navy sofa!) , the dark-ish floral print accent pillows and the deep purple flowers. All of these elements create a comfortable, cozy, warm space that transitions from fall to winter. I mean, don’t you want to pour a hot cup of tea and snuggle with a warm blanket?!

If this type of non-traditional fall decor is your style, or you want to recreate this look- here are some items that you can purchase in stores now:


{ sofa // flowers // lamp // pillows //ginger jar // rug }

Weekend Wishlist: Recent Finds

Happy Friday y’all! I am in MAJOR decoration mode right now (between yesterday’s nursery post a potential kitchen renovation & some personal projects). Since I’ve been looking at all of my favorite sites for decor, I thought I would share some of my favorite recent finds. From rugs to trays to pillows, there is SO much good stuff out there right now! Happy shopping!

UNDER $150


  1. buffalo horn tray 2. gray velvet pillow cover 3. patterned pillow 4. gold & white vase 5. mirrored tray 6. marble & gold end table (<– just purchased!) 7. bowl 8. calendar (great to cut out pages & frame in gallery wall!)

OVER $150

over 150

1. bench 2. pendant  3. bench 4. art 5. accent stool 6. runner 7. gold sphere lamp 8. velvet sofa

White Sofas + White Walls

I am working with a couple here in Boston who lives in one of those new high rises- floor to ceiling windows, hardwood floors, white walls, white kitchen cabinets (with minimal hardware), white counter tops…a lot of white. So when they mentioned getting rid of their white sofa, I had to convince them to hoooooooooooold up.

White on white on white can sound boring, cold, mental-hospital-ish…but with the right accessories it can look fabulous. Think rugs, lighting, artwork, pillows, baskets…these will quickly turn a space from cold to warm, boring to interesting. You get the picture. Here are a few great examples of white sofas/white walls that totally work:







7 8


Interested in a white sofa? Here are some current faves:



FYI: Client vision board to come within a week or so…