Guest Bedroom Checklist

Since I live away from my hometown, I (a) have a lot of visitors and (b) go visit a lot of family/friends. This means I have seen my fair share of guest bedrooms, as I’ve also hosted my fair share of guests. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years in regards to this, I believe it’s so important to know your guest bedroom basics!

The #1 rule of guests: make them feel comfortable.


{the most gorgeous guest bedroom via Erin Gates} <– this room is FAB!!

There’s nothing worse than staying at someone’s house and feeling awkward or uncomfortable or too cold/hot or sick, etc. Am I right? So I’m here to help you avoid any of that! Here are my top 4 tips to help make your guest bedroom a serene, happy place for your friends & family to enjoy:

1. Bedroom Basics– I always put a little tray on the bed with some items to help make my guests feel at home: bottled water, a local snack (ex: a mini chocolate bar from a local bakery would be delightful!), fresh towels & a variety of bedding: I always be sure to have a blanket & down comforter so my guest has options. You never know how hot or cold people get when they sleep. For bedding tips, see this post.

2. Nightstand Essentials- Having these few, essential items at your guests’ fingertips will be sure to put them at ease & allow them to have the best stay possible: scented candle/matches, notepad/pen, Kleenex, a jewelry catch-all & a new magazine for some nighttime reading!

3.  Bathroom Basics- There’s nothing more awkward than forgetting toothpaste or having an upset stomach and rummaging around, hoping you can find some meds! So let’s save our guests the embarrassment and make sure we’ve got a little basket of toiletries/medicines at their disposal! Hey, isn’t that what those hotel mini bottles are for?!

4. Fresh Flowers– if there’s any time to splurge, this is it! Spend $5 to put a few fresh roses or hydrangeas in your guest bedroom. The fresh fragrance and beautiful sight will automatically put your guests at ease & make them feel so special!

Here are a few key pieces to get your guest room in tact:


{candle // tray // throw // catch all // vase}

Anything I missed? What’s on your guest bedroom checklist?


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