Gray Malin Art

Happy Tuesday! Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday…my computer was down & well, that’s that…

You may have noticed my Instagram yesterday- I’m currently in the need for a (fairly large) piece of artwork over my sofa. The wall behind my sofa is currently empty, but the adjacent wall holds my gold & white frames in a gallery wall. So I’m definitely wanting just one piece over the sofa. Don’t want the space to feel cluttered. I’ve decided that a Gray Malin is definitely the way to go- I’ve been inspired by his work for months now, and after seeing pieces in showroom after showroom, I’m ready to invest!

Here are some examples of Gray Malin art used in similar homes:


(all of the above art is GM- obsessed!)

2 3

(also LOVING the above chairs!)

4 5 6 7 8


Don’t you love!? It’s very simple & classic, yet cheery & fun! I’m opting for a medium/large picture and I need your help.

(A) Should I have it pre-framed, or frame it myself?

(B) Which picture should I pick? Here are my top 4 contenders:

PicMonkey Collage

OR should I go off the wall & do zebras?


Check out the Gray Malin studio tour here– needless to say, the space is fabulous!

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